Make this “Plumcake” Recipe at Home – Allotment Cake

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I’ve got a glut of plums from the two trees in my garden. This isn’t a new thing, as I normally get a few bags from my nan’s tree, but I have become bored with jamming and stewing the life out of the big, juicy fruits. Although tasty, these methods seem a bit conformist and wasteful all of a sudden. That’s why this blog is going to be about our delicious and moist “plumcake”.

Why is it called “Plumcake?”

Moist is certainly the reason behind the weird spelling of this cake – with 16 plums lumped on top of a cake base, ready to sink in whilst cooking, it could hardly be anything else! Elly, from cooking blog Elly Says Opa! has also made this cake, and comments that ‘…Nigel must be using some itty bitty plums’ as she only used 5. Fionnuala sheds some light on the copious plum recommendation on her kitchen blog. She saw Nigel make this cake on the tele, and apparently he was using a tiny, local plum.

How Many Plums Do You Need for the “Plumcake”?

I popped 13 plums on top before they started to double up, so I munched the remaining three. The plums in my garden are very big this year, and 13 really contributed to a moist cake. The end product is not heavy though, which makes this cake a great choice for a warm evening’s pudding.

How does this cake taste like?

It also reminds me of the sweet cakes that are popular on the continent with breakfast. The cake is terribly moreish too, and it took very little time before I was back up and grabbing a second helping. This recipe is dead easy to follow as well; another reason to give it a go. I’m eager to try again later in the year with the pears on my other garden tree.

My food photography leaves rather a lot to be desired, so for a really tantalising picture of this cake in all its splendour, check out the Teen Baker blog.

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