25+ Pink Plants To Grow As Houseplants

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Pink is a popular color because of its cuteness and beauty. It also brings inner peace, harmony and affection. This is the atmosphere pink house plants create.

Pretty Pink Plants To Grow Indoors

Aglaonema Pink anyamanee

This is the most loved Chinese houseplant. This is a well-deserved reputation. It is very attractive. The plant has beautiful dark green leaves that are variegated with bright pink hues.

Anthurium Tickled Pink

Tickled Pink is one the most stunning Anthurium varieties. This stunning variety blooms in vibrant pink-magenta colors with dark purple edges. It matures in beautiful shades of fluorescent pink.

Beleaf Begonia

This variety of Begonia is a fairytale plant because of its heart-shaped leaves and dark pink color. This is the perfect choice if you want to showcase your houseplant.

Boat Lily

If you love thick leaves, this plant is for you. This plant produces attractive, thick foliage that is striped in cream and white. This plant’s pink underside leaves are a stunning sight.

Calico Kitten

The Calico Kitten is among the most adorable houseplants. Its small, colorful, heart-shaped leaves are adorable. They come in pink, as well as shades of yellow, purple and cream. You can’t stress it to make it grow completely in pink.

Christmas Carol

Because they are versatile, hardy and require minimal care, succulents are a popular choice for house plants. If you are a lover of succulents and pink, you have found the right plant for you.

Earth Star

This mesmerizing plant is known for its star-shaped leaves. There are many shades available, including bright red, white, green and green. The plant may appear pink from a distance, but once you get close enough you’ll notice the shades.

Imperial Red Philodendron

This plant is a true charmer. This plant is well-known for its dark green, coppery leaves that are variegated in pinks, whites, and black.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

It has tall, green leaves that are dark pink and have dark pink veins. This plant is recommended for beginners because Madagascar Dragon Tree is strong and can withstand drought, low light, or poor growing conditions.

Pink Arrowhead Plant

Because of their tough nature and beautiful form, arrowhead plants are very popular houseplants. Because of its bright pink veins and light green leaves, the plants look pink.

Pink Chaos Coleus

The plant is known for its unique shape and comes in pink or bright green. This plant requires sunlight to grow so it’s great for windows or balconies.

Pink Jelly Bean

This plant is number one because of several reasons. It is the only one that is entirely pink. It is cute and small enough to be used in small spaces. Its spiral fleshy leaves are just as magical.

Pink Mother of Millions

This is a unique pink houseplant that will add beauty and charm to any indoor space. Its unusual leaves, which grow pink butterfly-like plantlets, are what make it unique.

Pink Nerve Plant

Mosaic plants are an impressive indoor plant. Because of its small size, mosaic plants are a popular ornamental plant. This plant has veined green leaves that look like a mosaic.

Pink Princess

Although the princess is naturally green, it has attractive pink variegation. You can place the plant in a hanging basket at the center of your room, making it a focal point.

Pink Polka Dot Plant

The unique polka dots on the leaves gave it its name. There are many colors available for the leaves, including yellow, pink, orange and orange. It is vibrant and will brighten up your surroundings.

Pink Rubber Plant

Its classy height, medium height, and eye-catching dark green leaves are a great combination of pink, yellow and cream. It looks like a rainbow when it is exposed to bright sunlight.

Pink Symphony

Another plant that is unique in shape and color is the Pink Symphony. Its bright, large, pinkish-colored leaves are what make it so attractive. It loves sunlight, but will also grow in partial shade.

Pink Wandering Jew Plant

Its bright green leaves are stunning, with a striped pattern of cream, white, dark-pink, and white. The plant can also produce purple and pink flowers. It is a beautiful plant that can also be used for low-maintenance, making it a popular choice.

Perle Von Nurnberg

This is the most beautiful Echeveria variety, according to many. The pink edges of the leaves give the entire plant a bright pink appearance.

Pretty Pink Caladium

This plant has a very unique shape and appearance.

Rose Painted Calathea

This pink houseplant is one of the most stunning. Its beautiful foliage features Fuschia pink and broad green leaves. This plant comes in many varieties and is an excellent choice for houseplants.

Six Angled Kalanchoe

A cute, small indoor plant that is perfect for any home. There are three types of leaves: dark red, green and pink.

Snow White Waffle Plant

The Snow-White Waffle plant is a beautiful pink houseplant. This plant has a striking pink-purple metallic color and attractive foliage. It looks even more beautiful when it blooms white.

Syngonium Pink Neon

This plant is eye-catching with its beautiful pink heart-shaped leaves. It is also air purifying. The Syngonium Pink Neon, a hardy plant that adapts to all conditions, can be grown in a container or hanging basket.

Tricolor Stromanthe

Tricolor Stromanthe is known for its stunning green leaves, which are variegated with pink and red shades. It is not only unique in appearance, but it also has a magical feature that makes the plant look different from every angle.

Variegated Kalanchoe

The pinkish-colored backside of this flowering plant’s leaves is a shade of pink. The color can spread if you stress it.

Variegated Pink Croton

This pink houseplant deserves to be included on our list of most stunning pink houseplants to add beauty to any indoor space. It is used mostly to decorate hotels, palaces and government offices.

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