8 Peony Tree Varieties To Grow

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Peony trees are small shrubs that produce beautiful, goblet-shaped flowers. A peony tree can grow taller than herbaceous peonies and maintain a stable framework throughout the year.

How To Grow A Peony Tree

Plant your tree peonies in autumn in partially-to fully shaded areas in moist and well-drained soil. Most soils are fine except for those that are very wet or acidic in winter. When purchasing, plant them slightly deeper than their container’s soil level.

You should remove suckers from the tree peonies’ base if you see them. They will be growing from rootstock and will look different to the rest.

Guide to Feeding Peony Tree

To increase flower production, these plants are likely to be hungry. You can also apply a granular fertilizer all around the plant’s base in spring.

Peony Tree Varieties

Peony ‘Showa No Hokori’

The stunning purple-pink flowers of this peony have delicate black markings at their base, which help to draw attention to the bright yellow centers. It looks great surrounded by forget-me nots (myosotis), or Chinese forget-me–nots (Cynoglossum). (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Peony ‘Shimane Sedai’

Peony ‘Shimane Sedai” has lovely, rose-coloured blooms with slightly ruffled edges. The blooms are semi-double when young but become more and more double as the peony matures. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Peony ‘Souvenir de Maxime Cornu’

The Japanese tree peony is a Japanese tree peony that produces blowy, peach-coloured flowers. They have frilly pink edges. Each flower has a warm yellow center. This variety is best matched with plants with purple flowers. You might also consider planting dusky cranesbills, Geranium phaeum, and spring peas (Lathyrus versus) underplants. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii

This peony’s stunning, cut foliage provides a backdrop for the bright yellow flowers. This peony will grow to a larger size than other tree peonies so make sure you plant it where it can expand. The flowers produce large pods that hold glossy black seeds. (H x S: 3m x 2m)

Peony ‘Duchess of Kent’

The ‘Duchess Of Kent’ peony is strong and reliable. It produces large, carmine-red blooms that are fully doubled. The interest is enhanced by the red stems and leaf stalks, even when it’s not in bloom. The flowers bloom slightly later than other tree peonies. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Peony ‘Duchess of Marlborough’

This well-known peony is a classic and has been around for many decades. It is known for its large, pale pink flowers. Semi-double flowers have yellow centers. The Duchess Of Marlborough looks great when paired with classic shrub roses. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Peony ‘Reine Elizabeth’

“Reine Elizabeth” is an older variety of tree peony. It has fully double China pink flowers with a hint of orange warmth. The ‘Reine Elizabeth,’ like all tree peonies with large flowers, will benefit from strong wind protection, so plant them in a protected spot. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

Peony ‘Shima Nishiki’

The ‘Shima Nishiki,’ a tree peony with vividly colored rose pink and hot pink flowers, is a striking and fun cut flower. There will be a variety of colors, and some blooms may have more than one color. (H x S: 120cm x 90cm)

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