Guide to Growing Californian Poppy Seedlings

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Californian poppies, Eschscholzia California, also known by calis. They’re known to add a bright splash of color to your garden in the summer. The funnel-shaped flowers, which open when the sun shines on them, come in a variety of colors including orange, coral pink, yellow, red, yellow and ivory. They are also held above feathery, green leaves. California Poppies can be single or multiple and are followed by long, curving seed pods.

California Poppies

How To Grow Californian Poppies From Seedlings

You can grow them from seeds and are very adaptable to hot, dry areas where soil is not rich. They thrive in gravel, coastal and exposed gardens. Although they lack nectar, their flowers are full of pollen and attract many bee species. They are able to self-seed but they rarely become a problem. The seeds that were planted in the previous winter may flower again if the weather is warm.

Best Growing Conditions For California Poppies

Californian poppies thrive in poor, well-drained soil under full sun. To ensure long flowering, deadhead the plants regularly. They will be most happy if they are directly sown where they are flowering. Sow in spring and autumn.

Where To Grow Californian Poppy Seedlings

California poppies require full sun to bloom. They thrive in poorly-drained soil, but can also be grown in coastal or exposed gardens. They look great in an annual wildflower meadow.

How To Sow California Poppies

You can grow them from seeds easily and should only be sown where they will flower. They cannot tolerate being disturbed by roots. For earlier blooms, sow in the autumn. If you want to have long flowering periods, plant successively between mid-April and June. California poppies will self-seed once they are sown.

Step-by-Step Sowing California Poppy Seedlings

  1. Press a bamboo cane in moist soil to make a straight drill. In a sunny location, rows should be approximately 15cm apart.
  2. Take a few pinches of the seed and scatter them along the drill. Otherwise, you’ll waste seeds and have to spend more time thinning.
  3. Cover the seeds lightly with soil using a trowel, your fingers or your fingers. You can label the rows with a marker and water them using a watering container that has a rose attachment.
  4. When seedlings reach 4cm in height, thin them out again at 8cm. Then space them about 15cm apart.

Caring for California Poppies

California poppies don’t require much care. They are drought-tolerant and can take all the water they need from rain. They also thrive on poor soil, so they don’t need to be fed. This plant is generally pest- and disease-free.

Advice On Buying Californian Poppy Seedlings

  • California poppy seed can be purchased at a garden center or online.
  • Online seed retailers offer the best selection
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