9 Edible Plants in The UK And How To Use Them

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Some of the fearsome weeds are valuable foods with amazing nutrients. These edible plants are easy to grow and can be found right at your doorstep.

This will give you the motivation to do your weeding. You should think twice about what you are taking out these edible plants and weeeds of the ground, and decide if it deserves a place at your table.

Stinging Nettle

Here’s a Summary of Edible Plants in the UK

Stinging nettles

You can relive the good things about the nettle and make a delicious soup from the leaves just like you would with spinach soup. It also contains tonnes of iron, just like spinach.


Horseradish plants are known for their strong roots, which can be grated into horseradish sauce. This edible plant is a great accompaniment to roast beef. Fresher horseradish means you’ll get hotter sauce.


Chickweed is an edible weed that produces star-shaped white flowers. It’s most commonly found in lawns. Chickweed tastes like spinach, so it can be used in soups, salads and sandwiches. It is also rich in nutrients like magnesium and potassium.


These beautiful flowers, which are often not considered weeds, can be eaten whole and add a great flavor to salads.


Purslane is high in omega-3 and has smooth, oar-shaped green leaves. It is mildly lemony and great with seafood or Asian cuisine.

Lamb’s quarters

Its leaves have white powdery residue, making them seem like they’re dusty. They contain oxalic acids which we shouldn’t consume much. It’s best to cook it before you eat it. Use it in ravioli, or as a substitute for chard or cabbage.


This aquatic perennial, which is often found on tops of ponds, is worth mentioning. It is protein-rich so when dried it makes a vegan-friendly powder known as Lenten. With a 68% protein level, this new environmentally-friendly food source offers huge potential as an edible annual weed.

Sorrel of the sheep

Sorrel is easily identified by its green, arrowhead-shaped leaves. The plant contains oxalic acid, and therefore, cannot be consumed in big portions. However, this plant has a mild sour flavor so it can be enjoyed with fattier meats like lamb and pork.

Burdock and dandelion

Both are perennial weeds you can find year-round. Burdock may look similar to other dangerous weeds so make sure you are using the correct weed. Always forage during flowering to be safe. These weeds can also be used to make burdock root and dandelion root, which are both well-known drinks. This is a delicious alternative to beer and a good source of vitamins.


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