Rainbow Roses: Can You Make Them?

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Rainbow roses share bright hues but are distinctive because of their unique petals. Rainbow-coloured cut flowers, such as roses, orchids, carnations and hydrangeas, can be made in the same manner.

Pictures of rainbow roses are not altered or painted. They were artificially colored by the flower’s water intake. The stem was then divided into various cups of dyed water to create the rainbow effect.

They are not as durable as regular roses because they aren’t naturally colored. The dye also affects the plants’ ability to survive and photosynthesize.

Rainbow Roses


How To Make Rainbow Roses?

Step 1: Pick your rose

It is best to use white roses. You can also use a pale pink or another light-coloured rose if white is unavailable. The original colour will have an impact on the final product. However, the stage in which the flower is placed can also affect how dyed flowers react to it.

Note: The rose will absorb the dye faster if it is nearing blooming.

Step 2: Cut the stem

The stem must be cut in order to prepare the rose. To ensure that your roses are properly placed in their containers, it is crucial to cut the stem. Your rose(s), no matter how tall they are, should not be higher than the vase in which you intend to color them.

Step 3: Divide the rose stem

To create multiple sections, divide the stem using a sharp knife. Tip: Do not use a dull knife to cut the stem. Otherwise the stem could tear or damage the rose. You should cut the stem to 2.5cm (1in), from the base of each of the petals. Split the stem into four equal sections. Too many may cause the stem to become weaker. The number of colors in your rainbow rose will depend on how many sections you cut.

Step 4: Add the colour to the roses

Mix several food colours in separate cups of water to add colour. Match the number and sections of your stems to the colours. The amount of food colouring that you use can affect how bright your colours will appear. Choose narrow, sturdy containers when choosing your container. Each stem should be placed in a separate container. You should take extra care because the stems are delicate and can be broken if you apply too much force.

Step 5: Wait and Enjoy

The colours will start to change 30 minutes after the setup is complete. However, the roses can be allowed to soak in the dye pools for several days to get a more vibrant look. The colours may not appear vibrant for up to seven days.

Can Rainbow Roses Grow From Seeds?

Although you may have seen these seeds on several online marketplaces, it is not possible to grow rainbow roses from seeds. Don’t be fooled by recommendations and offers on reputable marketplaces. It is impossible to grow natural rainbow roses in your own garden from seeds.

Rainbow roses cannot be purchased in seed form. This is because the process of creating them is not genetically engineered or cross-bred. Each rainbow rose is unique.


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