Why Doesn’t Your Leaf Blower Start?

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This is a common tale, and you might have even experienced it yourself. As the leaves change colors, you watch and know that your petrol leaf blower can help you power through the fall. Nothing happens except when you are ready to start your blower for the first time in the season.

Although it is not uncommon for leaf blowers to fail to start after being stored in a shed for most of the year, this problem is often not too serious. 

Before you start using your leaf blower again, perhaps, you want to read on some precautions here.

Why Doesn’t Your Leaf Blower Start?

1. Old Fuel Left In Your Leaf Blower

Old fuel is the most common reason a leaf blower doesn’t start at the beginning of fall. The fuel doesn’t age well and can be left in your leaf blower for only 30 days. By then, your engine may not start properly.

Some of the liquid will eventually evaporate. After sitting idle for more than half a year, your fuel will likely have become a thick sludge. You can remove the old fuel, and then refill it with new fuel. You should not allow this to happen. Instead, make sure to always remove any old fuel from your blower before you store it long-term. You won’t face this problem again next year.

2. Clogged Carburetor

This is a problem that can often occur for the same reasons as above. Fuel that has been sitting for too long can become thick and viscous and can block your carburetor when it’s not in use for a long time. 

To check if it has, you can inspect the carburetor. If the problem persists, you have options: clean the carburetor if it isn’t too severe; rebuild the carburetor if it is more serious; or replace the entire carburetor in the worst-case scenario. To avoid this, make sure you don’t leave fuel in your blower unattended for too long.

3. Clogged Fuel Filter

A blocked fuel filter is another problem that can be caused by old, sticky fuel. You should check to make sure that the fuel filter is not blocked by gunky fuel. This will stop the blower from turning on, so replace it.

4. Oil-Gas Mix

If your blower has a two-stroke engine, and you don’t use the tool for a while the oil and gas in the fuel mixture may separate. You can simply give your tool a good shake before starting it. This is an easy trick that’s always worth trying. This applies only to 2-stroke engines. If you have a 4-cycle leaf blower This won’t do any good.

5. Spark Plug

Problems with the spark plug, particularly when the leaf blower is being used for the first time, are the most common reasons for it not to start. Spark plugs can become damaged, worn or dirty easily. If this happens, your leaf blower will not start.

It should be able to be reconnected if it isn’t connected correctly or just a little dirty. You will need to replace the insulator if it is damaged, burnt, or has large carbon buildup. Spark plugs can be inexpensive and should be replaced at the beginning of each season.

6. Air Filter

The air filter can become blocked and prevent fuel and air from mixing properly in the engine. This will eventually cause the blower not to work.

This is unlike most other issues that we have seen, and it will occur with regular use. It is possible to prevent this by cleaning your air filter regularly. If it gets too dirty or clogged, replace it with a brand new one.

7. Primer Not Pumped

Before you pull the starter cord, pump the primer first before starting a gas leaf blower. You will likely have difficulty starting the gas leaf blower if you don’t pump it. To check if the problem persists, pump the primer five to six times. To ensure you understand how to use your blower properly, make sure to read the manual.

8. Clogged Spark Arrestor

Spark arrestors are screens that prevent sparks from being emitted by the blower. The machine will not work if there is a block on the spark arrestors. Clean the spark arrestors with a brush to fix this problem.

9. Broken Rewind Spring

If the spring that winds the starter cord breaks, the cord will not rewind after every pull. You will need to replace the spring.

Reasons Why Non-Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers Won’t Start

There are less reasons to have trouble starting your corded or battery-powered leaf blower. First, check all obvious items. Is the power cord plugged in? Is the power on? or Is the battery fully charged?

You might want to take your electric leaf blower into a professional repair shop if you’ve read the manual but still have problems.

Read The Manual – And Be Systematic

You can read the manual if you have trouble starting your leaf blower. Next, you will need to identify the problem and then work your way through them one at a time. This will enable you to identify the problem and, hopefully, fix it.

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