Japanese Gardening Tools To Have And How To Use Them

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Japanese gardening tools are well-known for their precision and quality. They can be an excellent addition to any gardening toolkit. There are many useful, but not immediately identifiable garden tools that can be used. However, there are also traditional Japanese garden utensils that can be very useful and helpful.

Best Japanese Gardening Tools

This article will show how to use a variety of Japanese gardening tools, including their uses, the things to watch out for when buying them, and some suggestions for products you can consider before you buy. There are many Japanese garden tools that can help you prune, weed and plant.

Hori Hori

A hori-hori, which is an essential tool in the Japanese tool bag, is a multi-purpose knife that can be used for cutting and also as a trowel to dig, weed and plant. This blade is ideal for bulb and vegetable planting, and can be used to remove roots and weeds from rock gardens and paths. The tool is made from beech wood and features a 17cm steel blade.


A Japanese folding knife makes a great companion for both the garden or greenhouse. It is useful for light pruning, cuttings and grafting, as well as deadheading. The 12cm-long bladed knife features a strong, alloy carbon-steel blade. It has a single beveled edge for precise cuts and a hammer finish. The knife folds easily into the plywood handle, making it easy to keep in your jacket or pocket.

Planting Hoe

A planting hoe can be used for clearing and digging. It’s useful for digging, removing roots and making the ground ready for planting. The rubber grip makes heavy lifting more comfortable. It also prevents your hand from slipping.

Pruning saw

Japanese saws use the pull stroke to cut, instead of the push stroke. This puts the blade under less pressure, and makes it easier for you.


A pair of secateurs is an essential part of your gardening kit. They are useful for trimming, deadheading, and general tidying.


A sickle was traditionally used to harvest, but the sharp blade of a sickle can also be used to lighten your work when weeding or clearing your plot. This Japanese-made tool can be used for any garden trimming or tidying job thanks to its sharp blade. The red wooden handle makes it easy to carry.


For the easy clipping of shrubs, hedges, box balls and other topiary, a pair of hard wearing, hand-held shears are a must. Topiary is an essential feature in Japanese Zen gardens and these shrub shears from Okatsune have Izumo steel blades, so they’re both sharp and strong and oak handles, which are light shock absorbing. Just what you need to clip and cloud prune with ease.

Shuro Brush

The traditional shuro brush is both useful and beautiful. Its fibers forms a fan-like shape. This allows for hand-held brushing or sweeping. It’s great for patios and greenhouses.

Tripod Ladder

A tripod ladder is essential to get you where you need it to safely and quickly. The tripod features fully adjustable legs that you can adjust to keep you level and stable no matter where you are working. There is also a spring and pin for adjusting the position. You can also move the ladder around your garden easily because it is lightweight and waterproof.


A garden shovel is a hand-held, slightly scooped tool used for light digging, weeding, and planting. It will feel more comfortable in your hand thanks to its shaped handle and the pointed blade that allows it to cut through the soil.

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