How To Make A Bird Table The Right Way

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There are a few things to consider before starting to gather materials and tools in creating a bird table.

How Big Should Be The Bird Table?

Bird tables are measured in terms of size. Too small will mean that there is not enough space for birds to share the table, and the seed will end up on the floor. Too large and you’ll create a safe haven for larger birds, such as pigeons, which may scare off the smaller birds.

The larger your table, the more support it will require to hold it steady. The ideal size for your bird table’s feeding platform is 12 by 18 inches, or 15 feet square. This will provide ample space for feeding and not be too heavy or bulky to support.

How Tall Should I Build The Bird Table?

It is also important to consider the height of your bird table. Birds like blackbirds and robins will not be able to see it from their nests. High winds can also make a tall bird table on traditional poles more unstable. It can be dangerous to place it too low, and cats or other predators could find you feeding birds. Ideal is for your feeding platform at 4 to 6 feet above ground.

How Will My Table Be Supported?

The traditional bird table is positioned on top of a wooden pole. However, it isn’t the only option. It certainly isn’t the easiest option for DIYers.

A hanging table is another option. You can replace the roof post with a length or rope of chain or rope that is threaded underneath. The easiest option is to mount your bird table to a fence or wall using a bracket.

To Roof or not to Roof?

Twenty years ago, most bird tables didn’t have roofs. They were a platform mounted on a pole. These days, there are fewer of them. Most tables purchased at a shop come with some kind of roof.

A roof provides shelter for birds and keeps the food dry. The roof can be a challenge if you make your own table. The simple bird table has no roof and can be used in any sheltered location.

What Accessories Should Be On A Bird Table?

With hooks to hang feeders, additional platforms or even a birdbath, you can transform your table into a complete feeding station.

This idea may appeal to you. Think carefully about what accessories you will add and where. Think about how accessories will affect the stability of your finished table. Be aware that you could end up with a crowded area, which might make it difficult for timid birds to approach. It is sometimes better to place your feeders a little further out in the garden.

Materials For The Best Bird Table

The first thing you’ll need is wood. If you have any wood scraps, you can use them. However, the quality of the wood will affect the life expectancy of your table.

It is also important to consider whether your timber has been treated chemically. This could pose a danger to your birds.

It’s best to use plywood of 1/2 inch or marine quality for the roof and platform of your table. Wood that has undergone pressure treatment can withstand elements.

You can use construction-grade timber for the support and other components of your table. This will typically be some type of spruce.

Is It Expensive To Build A Bird Table

Although it will cost you slightly more, choosing smooth-finished timbers will save you time and money in the long run. There are many options for fixings. For the best weather resistance, choose galvanized steel or brass

You should use wood glue sparingly to ensure it doesn’t ooze out or leave a residue for birds. It can be dangerous. Wood treatment or paint is not necessary if the timber has undergone pressure treatment.

Additional treatment or painting can prolong the life of your table protect it from fungus, bacteria, and make it more attractive.

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