Growing Cavolo Nero Over The Winter

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Cavolo Nero can be grown in both autumn and winter. It doesn’t mind colder temperatures. It is also less attractive to slugs than many other vegetable plants.

It’s also a brassica, which means it is pest-free. Pigeons, caterpillars, and other insects prefer the tender leaves of other cabbages.

Where to Grow Cavolo Nero

It can be grown either undercover (in the greenhouse or under a large cloche), which will provide you with cut-and-come-again leaves through the winter months. Or, it can be grown outside. It will grow well outside in the fall months, when the weather is still mild. The growth will slow down during cold spells, but it will recover quickly once the weather warms up.

Cavolo Nero can be grown in containers and pots. If you have limited space, you can put it in the flower patch.

How Does Cavolo Nero Taste Like

The flavour of the plants will change after a few frosts. If you have them in pots, don’t worry about exposing them to the elements. Snow, hail, and frost won’t do any harm – they are tough.

Harvesting Cavolo Nero

Harvesting is a process that involves picking leaves from all plants at once. This will help to keep them all going. You should also pick medium-sized leaves. The smaller leaves can be left to grow a little more. However, the larger leaves should be kept intact because they are what help the plant grow.

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