Sarcococca Confusa Growing Guide

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Sarcococca confusa, also known as ‘Christmas Box’ or ‘Sweet Box, are evergreen shrubs that are compact and native to China. Jozeph Hooker, a botanist and plant hunter introduced them. 

What Are Sarcococca Confusa?

Sarcococca are attractive shrubs that have simple, leathery leaves, small, fragrant pale flowers that bloom in winter and spring. Close behind are purple, red, or black berries. Sarcococca are great additions to slopes and gardens, or as containers in a cottage garden or informal garden. 

You can arrange these plants in a row to form a space divider or low-set hedge. Sarcococca will reach an average height of 60cm (24″) with a spread of 45cm (18″).

Planting Sarcococca Confusa

Sarcococca plants are best grown in well-drained, moist soil that is clay, clay, or loam with an acidic, neutral, or alkaline pH balance. These shrubs do best in full or part shade. However, they can tolerate full sun if placed in extremely moist soil. 

Mix the soil with ripe soil and sharp sand to prepare it for planting. To allow roots to grow as they mature, plant in the same depth as the container.

General Care Guide for Sarcococca Confusa

It is recommended to trim any shoots during winter. This will maintain a healthy structure and shape. After you have pruned Sarcococca you might want to apply a layer of mulch made of well-rotted compost

This should be applied around your plant’s base, making sure to not touch the stem. An annual application of bone meal fertilizer to your shrub can help improve its overall health.


It is possible to propagate Sarcococca confusa using semi hardwood cuttings in late summer, or by seed planted in containers in autumn or spring.

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