Osteospermum Plants Growing Guide For Flower Gardens

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If you want flowers that are long-lasting, colorful from summer to autumn, then osteospermum plants are perfect for you. It is also called the Cape or African daisy by some.

There are many reasons people plant osteospermums. They are good as great container plants, annual bedding, and even front-of-border plants for some parts of the country. It has an array of colors and cultivars to offer which are great for attracting pollinators.


Where to Grow Osteospermum Plants

Osteospermum can be planted in a container with well-drained soil on a sunny patio or windowsill.

Where to Plant Osteospermum Plants

Osteospermum was known before as an annual and was grown from seeds. If you are going to buy ready-grown kinds, be sure to add some grit to improve drainage and hold water well. Osteospermum is best paired with grasses in containers and other bedding plants.

Propagating Osteospermum Plants

To propagate your osteospermum, first, choose a non-flowering shoot. Then, cut the tip off and strip the leaves. After that, dip it in hormone rooting powder. Finally, plant the cuttings in well-drained compost at the edge of a pot. Water the cuttings well and when roots have formed, pot it on.

 Osteospermum Care

Varieties of osteospermum which are tender or half-hardy can be grown as annuals. In early spring, cut the hardy osteospermum. Water all osteospermum daily and do not let them dry out.

To help it flower continuously, feed it every week with general plant food.

Great osteospermum varieties to grow

Osteospermum ecklonis has a dark blue center and is covered with white petals that are deep blue on its other side.

Osteospermum jucundum var. compactum has a green narrow foliage. It is also a weed-suppressing cover purple flowered plant from summer to autumn.

Osteospermum ‘Sunny Philip’ is tender and is usually grown as an annual. It has white flowers with twisting petals that are purple on its other side.

Osteospermum ‘Sunny Mary’ is a tender perennial and is also usually grown as an annual. It has purple-pink flowers in the summer which makes it perfect to be mixed with other flowers of bold colors.


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