Grow Mizuna From Seeds: Complete Plant & Care Guide

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Mizuna is an extremely reliable and very prolific salad crop. They can be grown as mature plants or as seedlings. Mature plants give you continuous crops of small young leaves, meanwhile, seedlings provide you crops after 2 or 3 weeks from sowing. They are nutritious, an excellent source of antioxidants, folic acid, and vitamins A and C. 

Where to Grow Mizuna

If you’re planning to plant them in an open position, it’s okay since they tolerate shade in summer. They grow best in fertile and free-draining soil. However, there may be a risk of bolting when growing them in very hot and dry conditions.

When to Grow Mizuna

You can grow them all-year round, just sow them in modular trays then plant them out. 

Transplanting and Care for Mizuna

You’ll have to do the process of hardening them off using fleece. Plant them out, use a dibber to make a hole for the seedling plug. Put the plug in the hole ang firm gently around the roots. Water it well after. Mizuna is low-maintenance, you’ll only have to water it well.

Harvesting Tips

Harvesting can be done after 3 weeks of sowing them. However, large mizunas would take 6 – 8 weeks. They don’t store that well and can only stay in the fridge for only a few days, therefore, eat them fresh.

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