How To Grow And Care For Lilacs From Cuttings

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Syringa, or lilac, is a classic garden plant that blooms in the late spring. The flowers, which are pale pink, white or purple in color, are great for cutting and can be used to make bouquets. You can grow lilacs as a small tree or shrub in your garden since they love shady spots. Plus, they are great for both pots and ground.


Where do lilacs grow best?

The best place for lilacs is in sunny areas with well-drained soil. They also grow well on chalky ground.

How To Plant lilac

Make a large hole in the ground and plant the lilac at the soil line. Firm down the soil around the plant with a back-fill.

Taking Care of Lilacs And Cuttings

Mulch every spring then trim shrubs to height and shape as the flowers begin to fade in mid-summer. Although lilacs are good at hard pruning, they will not flower on the wood from the previous year. The stems will regrow and the flowers will be gone for at least one year. Alternate stems can be removed and cut back to maintain flowering. Remove any diseased, dead or dying wood. Alternatively, you can prune lightly since hard-pruning isn’t really needed.

How To Propagate Lilacs From Cuttings

Propagating lilacs should be done as taking softwood cuttings. You’ll have to remove the shoots that are longer than the finished cutting, at the top of the leaf on the parent plant. The cuttings should be no more than 10cm long and use a sharp knife to cut below a leaf joint.

How To Grow Lilacs From Cuttings

Remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting.Reduce its leaf area by half to lessen the water loss. Dip the base of the cutting in hormone rooting powder, making sure you tap off any excess. Doing this would increase rooting speed and increase the success of the cutting, although, you may skip this part since it isn’t essential. Put the cuttings into 7cm pots with moist cutting compost. The lower leaves should just be above the compost level, push the thin canes around the pot and proceed to cover it with a clear polythene bag. Seal the bag in place with an elastic band then place the cuttings in a warm position without direct sunlight to let it root.

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