Easy Geum Growing and Planting Guide

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Geum is a hardy perennial that blooms from late spring to summer, sometimes even into autumn. Semi-evergreen leaves make them attractive and they have flowers that are usually yellow, orange or red. Geums can reach 50cm in height so they are ideal for either the middle or front of a border.


Do Geums Like Full Sun?

Geum can be grown in moist, well-drained soil that is in full sun or partial shade. After flowering, deadhead the plants and divide clumps once every three years.

Where to Grow Geum

Geums should be grown in moist soil and they thrive in alkaline or acid soils, but they don’t like being in dry soils or near a hot, south-facing border.

Geum rivale varieties do well in shade and make great partners for hellebores. Chiloense varieties can tolerate more sun, but their semi-evergreen leaves are easily scorched in hot temperatures.

Remember that Winter sodden soil is not a good choice for geums.

Planting Geum

Before planting, add plenty of organic matter to the soil. This will increase the soil’s water resistance. Water well after putting the plants in. During dry summers, water regularly.

Propagating Geums

Rhizomes spread geums. Side shoots can be easily removed and replanted in the backyard. You can also divide plants in spring to set seed.

Taking Care of Geum

Deadhead plants after flowering. Divide plants every three years to encourage strong geums and lots of flowers. Plants that are not divided regularly will become woody and eventually die. Divide plants to ensure they live a long life.

When to Divide Geums

Geums that look dry in the middle are in need of division. Sometimes, you may need to remove the heart of the plant.

Geums Varieties to Grow

Geum coccineum “Koi” – An alpine variety with a 30cm height with Orange flowers

Geum ‘Mrs J. Bradshaw” – it has bright red summer flowers. that enjoys full sun. Popular for its height of 75cm

Geum rivale “Leonard’s Variety” – perfect to plant under shade or semi-shade. They are identified by their semi-double, nodding flowers in a rusty, soft red colour and can reach the height of 45 cm

Geum ‘Mai Tai” – a variety that likes a cool place with apricot flowers on 45 cm stems

Geum ‘Alabama Slammer’ – A semi-double featuring ruffled orange blooms. It blooms in April, May, and June and reaches 30cm height.

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