Growing Calathea Plant Indoors Tips and Tricks

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Calathea plant is a stunning house plant that is grown for its beautiful foliage. Calathea plants are often intricately patterned in many shades of green and its undersides are often burgundy-red.

Calatheas are native to the rainforest floor of tropical rainforests and with this fact, you’ll have plenty of clues about their care. They can tolerate low light levels, but they need lots of humidity to thrive. Your calathea plant may be moving its leaves during the day to orient itself towards the sun – this is something it evolved to do in the natural environment.

How to Grow Calathea Plants

Calatheas require special care to thrive, they need to be kept warm and in indirect sunlight. Their soil should be kept moist throughout the year, with some humidity provided by daily misting or standing on a tray of moist stones.

The plant should be watered only with filtered, distilled or rainwater. Rainwater can be easily collected with a regular bucket or if you want to be more efficient, water butts are great options too!

Where to Grow Calathea Plant

Calatheas thrive in indirect, bright light, but can tolerate some shade, and direct sunlight can scorch its leaves. Keep the room at a temperature of 15°C and avoid any rooms that experience frequent temperature changes. Calatheas love humidity so bathrooms are ideal.

Whats the Best Way to Plant Calatheas

Your calathea should be planted in a 2:1 mixture of soil-based compost, perlite and compost. Every couple of years, repot your calathea into a slightly larger container.

Taking Care of Calathea Plant

From spring through autumn, keep the soil moist but not soggy. It is best to water little but often. Calatheas can be sensitive to chemicals in tap water so it is best to use rainwater, filtered water, or distilled water. Be sure to drain any excess water. Keep the soil moist and water less in winter.

Calatheas thrive in humid environments. To keep them hydrated, mist their leaves with tepid water daily or place them on a tray of gravel and pebbles with water.

Your calathea should be fed every two months with a balanced fertilizer. To remove any dust, wipe the leaves often.

Propagating Calathea

Dividing a Calathea is the best way to reproduce it. You can repot the plant by gently pulling apart the root ball. The clumps at the sides should fall off naturally when you do this. Make sure that each clump contains a portion of the root system. Both plants should be repotted in fresh compost. Make sure the pots are slightly larger than the root ball. You can remove clumps with a sharp knife.

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