How Do I Grow Cut Flowers For The House?

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Your garden has plenty of flowers that you can cut, whether you are looking to make a bouquet for someone or fill a vase for your home.

A greenhouse and garden offer many benefits. Fresh flowers can be picked for your home or for friends. The flowers you pick from a garden are very different from the cut flowers you purchase. This is a good thing because the arrangement will be more natural, organic, and tailored to your garden and personal tastes.

The secret to picking flowers from the garden is to plant more and experiment with cutting what you already have. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something won’t look good in a bouquet if it’s not common. Take a fresh look at everything. A great addition to informal displays is wildflowers such as cow parsley, rosebay willow herb or campion, and other flowering herbs.

Perennials as Cut Flowers for the House

Take a look at your perennial plants. You might find some plants with less important flowers like alchemilla, verbena, and nepeta. These flowers can be used as fillers to add some color or foliage to a bouquet. 

Some flowers, such as those that are striking, can be bulked up with stems of foliage, airy flowers or even seed heads. You can encourage your garden to produce more by cutting some stems. This will ensure that it blooms longer. You can plant more perennials such as rudbeckias and Bidens or salvias.

Annuals as Cut Flowers for the House

Growing flowers from seeds is a great way to experiment with cutting flowers at a low cost. One packet of seeds can produce a lot of flowers. You should be looking out for cosmos and climes as well as cornflowers, sweet peas (sunflowers), poppies, cornflowers, and other flowers. 

You don’t have to wait until next year to start sowing some. They might not all bloom this year but they will still be growing! You can also order pots of annuals from your local nursery or garden center to give a try.

Bulbs as Cut Flowers for the House

Planting bulbs can be a great way to get started in gardening, especially if you need to cut lots of flowers. Spring tulips and spring daffodils are beautiful early in the season, and they are relatively easy to grow. To get some early blooms, you can put a few bulbs into pots in the greenhouse’s protected areas. Then you can plant them in pots outside and have the rest of the plants in the house. Spring flowering bulbs such as tulips, alliums, and daffodils, are usually planted in autumn. They then flower in spring. 

They are a great investment as many will continue to flower year after year. There are many great summer flowering bulbs, such as lilies, that can be planted in the late spring to bloom the same year. They will flower and mature each year, so they are of great value. For a double bonus, look for scent varieties!


A jug with cut flowers can be used as an accent to a garden table or in the home. I sometimes take a vase with slightly faded flowers outside to enjoy the garden for longer. If you have a few heads left on the stems, then you can float them in small bowls to make a centerpiece for your table. This creates a beautiful effect with several flower heads.

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

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