Should You Hire A Rotavator & A Gardener?

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Break, cultivate, till, and plant! What would you need to achieve great results in your garden soil? A great rotavator machine. Now, there are plenty of options to get around rotavating your garden, but what’s the best option for your needs?

Rotavator machines can come pricey, however, it’s relatively easy to use – after considering all the safety measures! Depending on your budget, time, and gardening experience, we will discuss whether you should buy or hire a rotavator.

When Should You Buy A Rotavator?

Essentially, you would want to buy a rotavator when you constantly need to cultivate your soil. The task itself can be labor-intensive thus having a good-quality garden tool will make your life a whole lot easy and convenient.

Nevertheless, rotavators do not come cheap. The most affordable units can cost about £100 and the more high-end can reach as much as £1000. Hence, you have to make sure that you will get the most value for your money if you intend to buy one. Our best rotavator review contains all the necessary information to make the best buying decision if you are looking for one.

When Should You Hire A Rotavator?

If you consider a low budget option and less rotavating frequency, it might be a better choice for you to rather hire a rotavator. Companies like HSS, Smithshire, and Hire Station do offer such a kind of service in the UK. You can also try to check your local garden supply shops and see if they know any recommendations.

Hiring a garden rotavator is a good option if the cost does not justify your purpose for the equipment. For instance, if you only need to use the rotavator for a single-off job or for tasks that you would likely do once a year. This does not maximize the function of the device and so the value of the unit becomes very expensive on that note.

Hiring A Professional Gardener

Alternatively, it would also be a good option to hire professionals to do the tilling on your behalf. Gardeners in the UK usually charge around £150 to £300 including labor cost, materials, and waste disposal. Know that these rates can vary depending on the size of the work area and which part of the UK you are in.

Final Verdict on Hiring Rotavators

Aside from your set budget, do consider your garden size and level of expertise. If you already got experience and time to rotavate your soil, getting a budget rotavator could pay off long-term as it costs around the same as hiring a gardener for one occasion.

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