Growing The Sensitive Fern (Onoclea sensibilis)

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Onoclea sensibilis is a sensitive fern. Its fronds, although hardy, are sensitive to late frosts. The UK, however, sees the leaves emerge late in the spring when frost risk has passed. Onoclea sensibilis, a deciduous Fern, thrives in moist soil and produces lush, green fronds. It looks great next to streams or ponds with other moisture-loving plants such as rodgersias and candelabra primulas.

How To Grow The Sensitive Fern

Grow Onoclea Sensibilis under dapple shade, full shade, or partial shade. They grow best in acidic, boggy, clay, heavy, or moist soil. Make sure you start sowing them from March to May or October to November to plant them outside by March to May or September to November.

Care Guide

The Onoclea Sensibilis should be planted in a sunlit, partially shaded area of your garden with well-drained soils. It is a hardy plant and requires little to no pruning. If necessary, remove any damaged or dead fronds.

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