Growing Tansy Plant: Should You Do It or Not?

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Tansy has beautiful ferny leaves, fragrant scent entices, and its charming button-shaped flowers charm. However, you have to be careful in choosing which flowers to grow in your garden depending on your situation.

Reasons Not To Grow Tansy Plant in Your Garden

Tansy is a deadly oil. It has a dark side that’s darker than others. Although tansy was used historically as a bitter-tasting flavoring, it contains toxic essential oils that can cause liver damage and brain damage and can cause an allergic reaction in people who touch the leaves, although it is not as dangerous. It can also kill other animals.

Tansy can also make its home in your garden, which is a good thing if you don’t mind it! Tansy is a prolific reseeder and can spread underground by underground rhizomes. This means that a little flirtation with a few of these plants could quickly turn into something more permanent than you had envisioned. Tansy is a noxious weed in some areas of North America and is prohibited.

Should I Plant Tansy Plant?

Tansy plant’s garden-grabbing nature makes it happy in all soils. It doesn’t require feeding so even those who are not the most nurturing in their plant relationships can be sure that they won’t neglect them. Tansy is tolerant to a little shade and this makes it useful in filling spaces in the less-loved areas of your garden. Once established, it can also withstand drought. Because it stores potassium, it can even improve soil quality.

Is tansy poisonous?

Tansy can also be used as a strong garden protector. It is claimed to repel all pests including flies, moths, and mosquitoes due to its toxic essential oils that can be used in insecticides due to their toxic nature. To keep insects out of your home, you can dry the strong-smelling leaves and flowers and make a bouquet.

However, you will need to compete for Tansy’s affections with other bugs. It is a magnet for honeybees, and ladybirds love it so much they will look for tansy to lay eggs. Tansy is also a host for other pest predators like braconid wasps or minute pirate bugs. It is loved by all except the tansy beetle, who considers it ‘the one’ and will not accept any other plants.

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