Growing Runner Beans & When To Plant Bean Seeds

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When you start growing runner beans, make sure you do it in a sheltered spot. Runner beans also grow well in partial shade. You may add a trench with water that retains manure, garden compost, or shredded newspaper would help with watering. 

Growing Runner Bean Seeds

It’s best to sow your seeds early indoors because they need 10°C for them to germinate. Sow 1 seed per 7cm pot and plant them out after the last day of frost. 

Runner Beans

When to Plant Runner Beans

Harden off your seedlings before you plant them outside in late May, and make sure you have a support cane at each planting station. Your plants should be put in the ground 15cm apart in single rows or 60cm apart in double rows.

Set Up Runner Bean Netting

Remember to put bean netting, canes, or strings so the plant won’t scramble up. Also, provide them with soaking once a week in hot spells due to their need of soil moisture.

How Deep Should You Plant Runner Bean Seeds

Supports that are 2.2m high should be placed before you transplant your seedlings. A hole slightly wider than your container. Remove the root ball from your pot and place it gently in the moist soil. Fill soil around the plant and make it firm by tamping it with your hands. 

In case of wind, rain, frost, and direct sun, cover them in plastic milk jugs, clear plastic, or sheets. 

How To Care For Runner Beans

The requirements of runner beans are simple – water and weeding, possibly some feeding. All three can be accomplished by a mulch of organic material spread around the plants – this will help retain moisture, keep the weeds down and gently feed the plants.

If your soil is good the only other attention is hand watering in very dry conditions, especially as the flower buds begin to develop. Finally, pinch out the growing tips when the plants reach the top of the supports to encourage side shoots.

After Growing Runner Beans: Harvest Crop

You can pick the beans as small as you can, however, do not leave them after they’ve reached 25cm. When there is an abundance of them, you may freeze them or add them to the compost.

It’s best you crop them regularly or it would reduce new growth and shorten its season. 

Best Way to Store Runner Beans

Freeze them in place on a tray then transfer them into a bag to keep them from becoming soggy after de-frosting.

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