Grow Honesty Plant From Seed – Guide and Tips for Gardeners

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Honesty plant is an old-fashioned cottage gardening flower that is more famous for its seeds than its flowers. These distinctive, transparent, papery pods that hold dark seeds are used for flower arrangement. The purple and white flowers with fragrant fragrances in spring and early Summer are attractive by themselves and attract pollinating insects.

HonestyThe orange-tip butterfly uses the honesty plant as food for caterpillars. In summer, look out for green caterpillars along the stems of the plants. Also, notice the triangular pupae that remain on the plant through winter before the new season’s butterflies hatch.

How to Grow Honesty Plant

The majority of honesty is biennial. To flower in the spring, it’s recommended in sowing honesty seeds in the early summer. Plant in a well-drained and moist soil that is in full sun or partial shade like other evergreen shrubs. For winter displays, let the flowers produce seed heads.

Where To Plant Honesty Seeds

Honesty thrives on fertile, well-drained soil that is slightly alkaline and moist. It thrives in partial shade and can be used in combination with spring-flowering bulbs such as tulips, or as part of spring woodland borders.

Planting Honesty Seeds

Honesty can be grown from young plants or seeds. Plant honesty seeds in pots or a tray with seeds in the spring and then transplant to larger pots once they are mature enough. In autumn, plant them in their final positions. Since honesty is a biennial, it has a large taproot. Therefore, it is best to plant them young. Larger plants are less likely to grow well.

Propagating Honesty Plant

Honesty plant grows fast therefore it can self-seed quickly if you don’t cut back. You can save some seed pods to make seeds that you can use for propagation. Plant in the early summer to allow for autumn planting and spring flowering.

Taking Care of Honesty

Honesty requires little maintenance and does not require cutting back or feeding. Let plants go to see then harvest a few pods to sow and leave the rest on the plant for winter interest.

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