Growing Heather Plant And Caring Tips

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Heathers are evergreen, low-growing shrubs that can be found on heathland or moorland. There are many varieties of Heathers, each with a different flowering time and a range of colors such as red, pink, purple, and purple.

What Soil Is Best For Heather Plants

Although all thrive in acid soils, some varieties are more sensitive to neutral and alkaline soils. Bees can get food from both winter- and spring-flowering heathers in the early days of the year.

How To Grow Heather Plant

Growing Heather Plants requires acidic, free-draining soil in full sun to thrive.

Where To Grow Heather

All heathers thrive well in acid soil. However, Erica carnea, Erica x darleyensis and Erica x winterflowers, as well as Erica vagans, can tolerate neutral to alkaline soils (with a pH greater than 7), especially if it has been fertilized with compost or manure. They are great for container displays, at the border’s front, and in rock gardens.

How To Plant Heather

Place heather in the same place it was grown in its previous pot. Firmen the soil around the plant, and water well with rainwater. To suppress weeds, it’s a good idea for the soil to be mulched with bark chips or leaf mold.

How To Care For Heather

Heather plants require very little attention. The pot-grown heathers need to be fed during their growing season. Use a fertilizer that is specifically designed for heathers and follow the directions on the packet.

Add Mulch

Mulch every year to maintain soil nutrients, soil pH, and soil structure. Mulch acid-loving heathers using bark chippings or leaf mold, and alkaline-tolerant heathers using well-rotted manure.

Pruning Heather Plant

After flowering, most heathers should not be cut to the base. They don’t like old wood and will not grow well. Tree heather (Erica Arborea) is an exception to this rule. Pruning should be reduced by at least two-thirds for the first few years after planting. After that, you will not need to prune. After flowering, Erica australis should be pruned and Erica lusitanica cut back.

Problems When Growing Heather Plant

The few problems that Heathers have are minor. Heather leaves can turn yellow if the soil is too alkaline. This is why you should feed your heather plants with an ericaceous fertilizer, in late March or early April. Then mulch with bark chippings or leaf mold.

Advice On Buying Heathers

  • You need to ensure that you are buying the correct heather for your garden. Also remember that acid-loving heathers will not grow in alkaline soils.
  • Although you can find Heathers in many garden centers, you will also find them online.
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