How To Grow Alliums From Seed For Spring Gardens

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Alliums can be stunning plants so save some seeds for spring so you have more to plant in your garden. Although you can buy seeds from cultivars, they may not be as true to type, but it is fun to try them and see what happens.

Germination Time When Growing Alliums From Seed

When you grow alliums from seed, they will germinate quickly and flower in just a few years. To get the best display, plant in a sunny, sheltered spot with good drainage. You can keep the seed heads in your garden for winter interest by tapping them directly into a bag of paper.

Allium Seeds

Benefits of Growing Alliums From Seed

Alliums for Repelling Pests

In a variety of studies, onions, garlic, and other members of the allium family were shown to be effective at repelling or confusing pests.

Can you intercrop alliums with other plants?

Intercropping alliums and carrots can prevent carrots becoming infected by carrot fly. Also, intercropping brassicas like cabbage, broccoli, and cabbage can help because they can also protect them against some of the worst pests. The same goes for lettuce. Under-planting some members of this family would be a great idea for fruit trees in an orchard or garden.

Alliums for Attracting Beneficial Insects

If they are allowed to germinate, members of the allium family may attract beneficial insects. They repel some insects with their pungent scent, but they can attract beneficial predatory insects as well as pollinators like bees if at least some of the flower heads are kept on. Another member of this family are chives, their purple flower heads make them attractive to bees. You can plant chives now on your windowsill. Once the weather is warm enough, you can transplant them outside to a herb garden or spiral.

Grow Alliums for Health

Onions, garlic, and other aromatics are all good choices. They are beneficial for the ecosystem of the garden, but also for our health.

Is it difficult to grow alliums from seed?

Because they can be grown easily in small spaces and containers, nearly everyone should be capable of growing at least some of the alliums that they eat throughout each year. Vitamin C and phytochemicals found in onions support the immune system. Onions are rich in chromium which regulates blood sugar. Also, onions can reduce inflammation.

Materials Needed in Collecting Allium Seeds

  • Secateurs
  • Paper bag or envelope

Steps in Collecting Allium Seeds

  1. When your allium plants start to split open, cut the seedheads.
  2. Take them inside and allow them to dry.
  3. Gently tap the seeds to remove them and place them in paper envelopes.

Note: Seed heads can be dried in an airing cupboard if the weather is damp.

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