Plants for All Seasons

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Many people ask me for tips on how to keep a garden looking good throughout the year. You can keep your garden colourful and interesting in the spring, summer, and autumn. It only takes a little planning.

But it’s not all about the colour. Height, structure and form all have an impact on the overall effect. Mixing textures and scents is also something I enjoy. Gardening should be a sensory experience.

I recommend incorporating seasonal flowering plants to add interest and diversity. Below are my favourites.

I have chosen these flowers time and again to add life and vibrancy in outdoor spaces.

These are my 10 favorite plants for any season

1. Allium is a magnificent flower that adds colour and structure to spring. The flowers can reach up to 15cm in height and produce a ball of star-shaped blooms. Planting alliums in other plants is my top tip, as their leaves quickly die and become unsightly.

2. Agapanthus, also called the African Lily, is a truly stunning flower. It’s tall and striking. This gives it a strong summer structure. Plant them with tall grasses for texture and movement. I love the agapanthus, it’s a great choice for summer.

3. Verbena bonariensis is a perennial summer flower that bees, butterflies and I love. It can reach up to 120cm in height, which makes it a great addition to a mixed flower bed. It is a great complement to many plants. It has a thin and wiry stem, with lavender flowers on top. This plant is stunning and friendly to wildlife, which is why I put it on my top 10.

4. Stipa is a tough grass that grows easily. This grass looks great all year long. These grasses will add texture and movement to any garden. It is fascinating to watch the strands move in the wind. It is a low-maintenance plant, which in my opinion makes it a great choice.

5. Sweet peas are a perennial favourite. They make a wonderful addition to any garden. Sweet peas can grow anywhere. Its continuous blooming and wonderful fragrance throughout the summer is what I love about it. Cut flowers are a great way to fill rooms with fragrance.

6. Ferns are a hardy plant that adds green texture to shady and semi-sunny spots. These plants bring a forest-like feel to shady areas. Ferns are also green all year round. Ferns are easy to grow and require little maintenance. There are many different varieties available.

7. Japanese anemone blooms just when the other flowers are dying and fading in the garden. This is a winner in autumn. It has a long flowering period and produces beautiful, elegant flowers. They are happy in sun, shade or even pots.

8. Like the anemones, sedum adds color to the late summer/early autumn. These come in a variety of colors, from vibrant yellows to deep pinks. Sedums are another plant that attracts wildlife. It prefers a dry soil in a sunny location. One plant can be divided to produce many, which is an added bonus.

9. Hellebores are a beautiful winter plant. It will bloom from December to spring if it is placed in a shady area. This is a great plant for structure. It’s a great way to add colour in Winter.

10. Rosemary is a plant that provides colour and structure all year round. You can choose whether you want your rosemary to be upright or spread out. Rosemary is a plant that I enjoy because it has multiple uses. It’s also known for its medicinal, culinary and cleansing properties. It’s essential to roast lamb.

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

Hello, I’m Pete and I’m currently based in the west of Scotland, in a small place called Rosneath, where I’m exploring my garden adventures. I personally started gardening around 6 years ago and initially, I started out by growing my favorite fruits and berries, such as strawberries, Raspberries & Gooseberries. Since then I’ve added a lot of vegetables and working closely with my neighbor, it’s been a lot of fun.