Getting to Know The Amaryllis Belladonna

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Amaryllis belladonna, or the naked ladies plant, has a unique way of providing summer flowers. In late summer, after the winter-growing leaves are gone, a stalk of pink fragrant flowers emerges. It blooms naked or without leaves. When the bulb is dormant, it is best to plant naked ladies.

What Does The Amaryllis Belladonna Look Like

In winter and spring, the green strap-shaped leaves that amaryllis belladonna will make a large clump in the garden. Six to eight weeks later, flower stalks begin to emerge and grow to approximately 20 inches in height. A stalk can hold up to 12 flowers. Although the flower color is typically a soft pink, there are many variations. Over time, the large, round brown bulbs will produce smaller bulbs to make a large clump. Old bulbs can reach the size of grapefruits. Both before and after flowering, the plant goes dormant. Winter rains bring out the dormancy and allow for growth. It is best to work with the plant during its dormancy periods for division and planting.


After flowers die, fleshy seeds may appear. They are somewhat similar to pomegranate or pink-colored seeds. To germinate, the seeds must be fresh. Place the seeds in a well-draining commercial potting mix. Keep the soil moist. In as little as two weeks, the seeds will germinate. Seedlings won’t flower until they are at least three to six years of age. Split bulbs into clumps during summer dormancy and replant the offsets right away. After division, bulbs may not flower for up to a year.


The climate can affect the details of amaryllis belladonna cultivation. The bulb should be placed with its neck towards the soil surface in USDA zones 8-10. Place the bulb 6 inches below the soil surface in USDA zone 7. Plant amaryllis belladonna in full sunlight and then remove all the leaves from the ground every year after they have fully died down. This will ensure the best flowering. Regular bloom can be achieved by allowing summer heat to reach dormant bulbs. The plant will not bloom unless there is no shade vegetation. As long as the soil is well-drained, the plant can adapt to any type of soil. It can be planted in a pot with the bulb nose at soil level in a well-draining potting mixture. The plant can withstand drought once established. If the plant has foliage, you should water it frequently during dry spells.

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