Grow ‘Gardener’s Delight’ Tomatoes: Care & Planting Tips

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Gardener’s Delight tomatoes are the most popular tomato variety amongst the gardening community. Why? Because they are super easy to grow. You will also find them in supermarkets, people love gardener’s delight tomatoes sweet taste! 

This tomato variety can tolerate many soil types and weather conditions, and it produces heavy crops. Taste is the second reason – most people love the texture and taste.

Should You Grow ‘Gardener’s Delight’ as a Bush or Cordon?

Gardener’s Delight tomatoes are cordon (indeterminate) variety tomatoes. They will thrive if they are trimmed during its growing season.

Sometimes confusion can occur because it is often grown in a bush variety. This method works well, however, it produces more tomatoes when it is trained as a cordon than if it were grown as a bush.

Appearance and Taste of Gardener’s Delight

It can be noted that Gardener’s Delight tomatoes are becoming very hot and miss in recent years. Many growers believe that the original strain of Gardener’s Delight has differed over the years. The results can vary from year to year depending on the supplier.

Even if the majority stopped growing these, it is understandable that other growers love Gardener’s Delight.

Sowing and Planting Out Dates 

What to do? Dates
Sow seeds in pots indoors 2nd week of March
Pot up young plants 2nd week of April
Harden off young plants 1st week of May
Plant out young plants 3rd week of May

Once you’ve planted your seeds and managed to harvest them too, make sure you save the seeds for future plantings! You can also read more on preserving tomatoes the right way to enjoy all year long.

Harvest Gardener’s Delight Tomatoes

This is a cordon tomato, If they are pruned correctly, you can expect to pick your first Gardeners Delight tomatoes within the first week in August. If you do not prune it, expect the fruit to be delayed a few weeks.

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