Best Garden Pond Fish For Beginners

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If you are planning to have a small garden pond in your garden, goldfish are exceptional species to keep. They are the best garden pond fish because they are easy to take care of, adaptable, have long life spans, and are perfect for beginners. Just like koi, goldfish have a wide array of colors and patterns that can pique interest for gazing and breeding for years to come. But unlike koi, they do not need large ponds and pond heaters so they are much more convenient and cost-friendly. 

Best Colourful Goldfish In The Garden Pond

Common Goldfish

Common goldfish is more commonly seen and known as indoor fish, some do not consider them in their ponds; they are excellent as outdoor pond fish. They have an array of colors like red, yellow, orange, white, bronze, and black. They are also better than Koi in the sense of not eating every aquatic plant in the pond. As long as the state of the water is healthy, these fish will grow, as what’s been said, up to 10 to 12 inches and have a lifespan of up to decades. This is also true for comets, shubunkins, and other domesticated fish.

Goldfish are known to tolerate cold temperatures and can even survive frozen over ponds as long as it is deep enough and they have enough oxygen and food. Additionally, these garden pond fish are primarily herbivores, therefore, they prefer herbivore fish food and can be supplemented with cucumber, broccoli, aquatic plant clippings, and shelled peas rather than protein feed like worms.

Goldfish, Comets and Shubunkins in Garden Ponds

Even though goldfish and Koi are species of carp, they have different ancestors. The Koi came from an intensively bred version of the common carp while the goldfish came from the Prussian carp. Descendants of the Prussian carp are more appropriate for smaller ponds because they only grow to about 25cm.

Goldfish has an array of sizes, shapes, and patterns that you do not have to worry about if you wish to not compromise the color and pattern of your pond. These goldfish include the common goldfish, the long-tailed comet, and the shubunkins. These will grow from 10 to 12 inches in a properly managed pond and will give as much beauty and fun as taking care of Koi but without as much hassle.

common goldfish

Comet Goldfish to Keep in Your Garden Pond

Comet goldfish were called as they are because their long flowing tails and fins resemble that of a comet. They are as interesting as Koi and come in an array of colors as well like orange, red, white, and yellow. If you wish to have a fish that looks like Koi, the bi-colored Sarasa comet is best for you.

Keeping Shubunkin Goldfish in Ponds

The shubunkin goldfish’s appearance is like the shape of the common goldfish and the fins of the comet, only longer. This garden pond fish’s body patterns, unlike the comet, extend to their fins and tails. They tend to have a speckled pattern with a calico color. But generally, they come in the same array of colors as the comet. Shubunkins, however, may also have a vivid pale blue color where the more blue coloring it has, the more valuable it is.

Like the common goldfish, they can survive the aforementioned weather and temperature conditions. If well taken care of, they will grow up to 18 inches.

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