Fast-Growing Evergreen Shrubs in the UK to Grow in Your Garden

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Some shrubs take time to grow so you may want to consider fast-growing evergreen shrubs if you are impatient, have a small garden to create, or need to quickly establish a border or garden.

The following shrubs grow quickly and are strong growers. They should be able to produce flowers soon. They will make an impact, while slower-growing shrubs catch up.


Best 10 Fast-Growing Evergreen Shrubs in the UK


Buddleias are also known as butterfly bush because of their flowers that attract butterflies. They are vigorous and easy shrubs, make sure to cut back hard in Spring.


Bamboos are known to be vigorous growers. However, there is a possibility for them to grow outwards or upwards, therefore, putting a barrier around the roots would help restrict its spread.


Willows have attractive winter stems. The Yelverton variety produces vivid orange stems that can be grown in any soil (even wet soils) under the full sun. The Coppice variety is great to grow in Spring to get brilliant stems in the Winter.

Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’

The Photinia x fraseri, the ‘Red Robin’ can be grown as a standalone evergreen plant or a quick-growing hedge. The plant is known to have tinted red young leaves. They should be planted in sun or partial shade in fertile and well-drained soil.

Euphorbia characias

Euphorbia Characias are evergreen shrubs that are naturally rounded and produce acid-yellow flowers in Spring. It’s nice to grow them because they are drought-tolerant and low-maintenance, then add that it’s fast-growing, it’s a win! You’ll only have to cut the flowers that are faded, but remember to wear gloves because its sap might irritate your skin.


Lavatera, also known as tree mallows or shrubby mallows produces a mass of hollyhock-like flowers in their first year. They thrive in fertile and well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. You’ll have to cut it back in Spring.

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’

The Rambling Rector is a rampant grower that can spread out to 6m. It’s grown to cover a wall or shed and has higher shade-tolerance than other roses. 

Cornus alba

Cornus Alba, a speedy grower that is grown for its bare red stems in Winter. They grow large, therefore, need to be grown where there’s enough space. You may restrict its growth by pruning them in early Spring. Grow the plant in full sun and in any kind of soil. 


Hydrangeas have a wide variety to choose from and they’re easy to grow. It’s nice to grow them because they are quick to establish and can make an impact in just a few seasons.

Prunus lusitanica

Prunus Lusitanica, also known as the Portuguese laurel, is a fast-growing evergreen that has red stems. It might grow to be a small tree but its growth can be restricted by pruning. Grow them in a sheltered spot or in partial shade, and use them for topiaries or hedging.

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