Coastal Plants To Grow Near The Seashore (UK)

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With the right plants, you can turn the challenges of a beach garden, which includes strong winds and fast-draining soils, to your advantage. Coastal plants can bloom beautifully if you choose the right ones!

There are many trees and shrubs that can be used to create windbreaks for your garden. This will increase your chances of planting. You can choose native species that are well-adapted to the coastal environment and will thrive in any weather. 

Sea Thrift

The Best Coastal Plants in The UK That You Should Plant Today

Sea thrift

Sea thrift is a hardy perennial that can grow on exposed shores and cliffs. These pink flowers look like chives and are visible in the summer months. This evergreen thrives in full sun with well-drained, poor soil.

Sea kale

On shingle beaches you will often see glaucous mounds sea kale leaves. From late spring through midsummer, you can also spot their honey-scented, pollinator-friendly flowers. Crambe cordifolia, a larger species, is equally well-suited for coastal gardens.

Ornamental grasses

Hordeum jubatum, a variety of ornamental grasses, has tough stems that bend in wind and can withstand high winds. They have a beautiful, airy texture as they move.


The hot-toned kniphofias are especially attractive when they are grown with contrasting colours like the steely and indigos of perovskia, eryngiums and echinops. They should be grown in full sun in moist, well-drained soil.


Mallows such as this Malva sylvestris, a common mallow, are often found growing along the coast. They have beautiful pink-purple flowers which attract pollinating insects. The plant thrives under full sun, with well-drained soil.

Pittosporum tobira

This evergreen can be used as a windbreak by being a dense hedge or as an attractive tree. Pittosporum can withstand salt-laden winds and direct sunlight. The clustered white flowers also have an orange blossom-like scent.

Red ValerianValerian

Although many people consider red valerian to be a nuisance, this plant is a great choice for wildlife and can thrive in coastal areas. Although it has the tendency to self-seed, seedlings can be easily pulled up if they are grown in loose soil. You can also cut it back to get another flush of flowers.

Sea campion

Silene uniflora sea campion is a coastal native that bears charming white flowers. It also has a low growth habit. It can be used to twirl over walls edges or plug cracks between paving stones.

Sea holly

The beautiful, pollinating flowers of eryngiums make a wonderful addition to wildlife-friendly coast gardens. They are covered in insects from mid-to late-summer. These flowers are also great for drying in arrangements.

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