Celery Companion Plants

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Celery is good for your health and tastes great when fresh from the garden, and knowing what’s the best celery companion plants would probably interest you if you are just starting to plant. You can use these plants to grow vegetables or attractive garden flowers. 

Companion Planting with Celery

Companion plants repel harmful insects and pests, attract beneficial bees, provide shade and support, conserve moisture, suppress weeds, and enhance soil quality. This technique is also known as “good neighbor planting”, adds color, fragrance, harmony, and health to the homestead’s garden.

Companion planting, an integrated, environmentally-friendly method of managing pests, allows the garden’s grow without the need for pesticides or toxic chemicals.

Celery, for example, is a strong defender of cabbage plants. A cabbage crop can be destroyed by the white cabbage butterfly. The strong celery scent repels the cabbage butterfly when cabbage is planted next to celery. The cabbage plant provides shade and windbreak for young, fragile celery shoots.

Plants That Grow Well with Celery

Those vegetable plants that grow well with celery include: 

  • Beans 
  • Leeks 
  • Onions 
  • Members of the cabbage family 
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes 

It’s best to plant these vegetables in the same place as celery. The plants can also help each other. The cabbage white butterfly, for example, is a pest that attacks cabbage family members. Celery scent repels the insects, so cabbage plants near celery are beneficial.

Pairing celeries with flowers is also possible. You can use these flowers as companion plants for celery:

  • Cosmos Daisies 
  • Snapdragons 

Experts believe that the beautiful garden flowers repel many insects that could cause damage to your crop. They also attract beneficial predators like parasitic wasps that eat other pest insects.

Plants to Avoid

It is important to know which plants are not suitable for companion planting with celery. These plants are those that can in some way hinder the growth or health of celery. Experts recommend that you don’t include the following companion plants in your celery:

  • Corn 
  • Irish potato 
  • Aster flowers 
  • Parsley
  • Carrots
  • Parsnip 
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