Best Guide for Growing Courgettes

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This is where you should start if you plan on growing courgettes in huge quantities. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about growing courgette seeds, from how to sow them to how to make delicious recipes.

Planting courgettes

You can sow courgettes by using a regular propagator tray with general-purpose compost. To save space, start growing your plants in containers. The basic rule for planting courgette seeds is to place them in the soil at 2 to 3 times their depth. Water them and then pat them down to make sure they are firm. Place the seeds on a warm window sill and cover them with the propagator lid. Two to three of these plants will suffice to keep a small household in these versatile fruits for the whole summer.

You don’t have to rush to plant your courgette seeds in your garden. Sow them indoors in April and plant them outdoors in May or June. If you plant them earlier than April, you are not the only one. However, they may start flowering early too and that’s alright.

Growing courgettes

If you have a larger space, Bush courgettes will work well. But, if you don’t have much space, growing courgettes in vertical rows might be a good option. This is a great way to save space, pick easily, and reduce pest damage. Eight Ball and Zephyr courgettes are the best recommendations for vertical growing.

Choose an area that is sunny for your plants. Then dig in some well-rotted manure in autumn. If your soil is heavy, you can rake it into a mound and then plant the roots into this. This will ensure that the plant does not sit in damp soil, which can cause the stems to rot.

Are you tempted to let your courgettes grow into marrows instead? This is fine as there is no difference between the varieties. Choose a variety that is specifically bred to produce marrows to accomplish the best results. Make sure to space your marrows apart enough to allow for growth. 2.5-3ft is a good distance. Also, be prepared to water and feed the fruit as they swell.

Harvesting courgettes

Courgettes should be harvested as soon as they are ready. This is especially important for yellow varieties, which “really should be harvested when they are quite small and skin is soft and flesh is sweet.

A great piece of advice to courgette growers: Pick them small, often.

If your first few courgettes are too small to be lifted from the plant, it’s not a problem. This happens because there aren’t enough male flowers available to properly pollinate the female flowers. The best you can do is-Nothing. The situation will improve on its own and you’ll soon be flooded with healthy fruits.

You can grow courgettes under glass if you want to continue harvesting them well into the autumn and late summer. Try greenhouse gardening because courgettes seem to only get going in autumn. The greenhouse will help extend the season when talking about courgettes.


Courgettes can produce a lot of fruit if the conditions are right. But, if you think you only have the pleasures of the consumption of the fruits, you might have to think twice. Male courgette flowers are great to eat too, be it stuffed or battered.

Gratin courgette pasta is a favorite delicacy too. To make the courgette pasta: boil some pasta. Next, add two grated courgettes, garlic, spring onions, and two tablespoons of cream cheese. Stir on low heat. This recipe makes three servings.

Even though you usually harvest your courgettes small, it is almost certain that the odd one you missed will grow large. That’s not a problem, though. You can stuff courgettes almost with anything, from rice-based vegetable options to leftover chili. Enjoy a glass of wine with this delicious vegetarian meal.

What about a dozen different ways to make the most of your courgette glut? Are you looking for summer recipes? Courgette roll-ups are a great idea. First, cut your courgette into long ribbons. Next, heat a griddle to cook them. Then load them up with some parma ham, jalapeno peppers, sun-dried tomatoes sun-dried peppers, salami, and ricotta cheese. Simply roll them up and place a cocktail stick through. Drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

We hope that you enjoyed our collection of top-quality guides about courgettes. Now is the time to get started and enjoy planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking your delicious courgettes.


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