7 Indoor Plants Perfect for Your Rental Homes

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Adding some greenery is one of the best ways to make your apartment rental or Airbnb property more enticing for tenants. But finding the perfect plants for a small flat or a vacation rental that doesn’t have occupants all year round can be a real challenge. But we’re here to help as we’ve listed the best indoor plants for your rental property. 

  • English Ivy

English Ivy is a houseplant that can grow anywhere, even in a small balcony garden in an apartment. It only needs a little indirect light, and it doesn’t like drenched soil. You only need to water it once the soil at the top is dry to the touch. If you don’t have much windowsill space, English Ivy can also be a great hanging plant, thanks to its long, beautiful & trailing vines. 

  • Wax Plant 

The Wax plant is one of those indoor plants that can make spaces always look good. Plus, it’s next to impossible to kill. That’s unless you overwater it. Keep in mind that the Wax plant is succulent; it can store water in its stems and leaves. You can leave this plant for a week or more without water. It’s perfect for an investment property or a beach house rental that doesn’t host long-term guests.  

  • Pothos

Pothos is often the go-to choice of those who live in not-so-spacious apartments. That isn’t only because of its lush, trailing vines but also because it’s hardy. Pothos thrives even in low-light environments, and it doesn’t need tons of water to survive. If you’re starting to embrace indoor gardening, you can’t go wrong with Pothos. 

  • Monstera

You’ve seen it—Monstera is that big, lustrous houseplant that has dominated different interior design magazines and plant-focused feeds on Instagram in the past year. Even if it grows quite large, it’s still suitable for flats and apartments since, as long as you have a good amount of floor space near the window with lots of indirect light. It’s easy to care for; just make sure you water it correctly. And since it’s one of the most sought-after indoor plants, it’ll surely attract potential tenants for your rental home. 

  • Aloe

Like other succulents, aloe is a sturdy house plant. Just put it near the window to help it get some bright light, and it’ll continue to be a happy and healthy indoor plant. Plus, you only need to water it every couple of weeks. It’s a truly low-maintenance plant perfect for Airbnb units and rental properties waiting to be occupied soon.

  • ZZ Plant 

ZZ plant is another house plant that doesn’t need too much water. You have to let the soil dry out fully before watering, which might take several weeks or even months. It doesn’t need direct sunlight. It can thrive in low-light or too-dry spots in your rental apartment that are otherwise inhospitable to your other species of indoor plants. With lush and lively leaves, the ZZ plant can make your rental property appealing to potential tenants or those checking it out for a short-term stay.

  • Nerve Plant

If the lack of space is the primary issue, consider the nerve plant. It doesn’t grow too tall, and it can stay quite compact if you only repot them into the same small container. It’s also beautiful & eye-catching, with leaves lined in pink, red or white against a lush green background. 

Real Men Sow
Real Men Sow

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