6 Best Seed Mats To Improve Seed Germination

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6 Best Seed Mats To Improve Seed Germination

ROOT!T Hobby 60W Heat Mat​

RINBO Seedling Heat Mat​

LERWAY Seedling Heat Mat

The Best Seedling Mats

Are you getting into seed germination? Are you struggling to get your soil temperature perfect for a particularly picky packet of seeds?

The fact is, different types of seeds and different seedlings will need varying soil heat and other conditions. To germinate seedlings, you’re going to need more than luck on your side. For the uninitiated, growing seedlings from scratch and helping them to propagate means more than just watering them and leaving them in the sun.

That’s why plant heating is so popular right now. You’ll find from just a quick search online that there are plenty of high quality plant heating mats designed to help you make the most of your vegetable seeds.

But what should you be looking for in the best seedling heating mat? How do you know that you are investing in the right system? What counts as great value, and do you need anything fancy, like a 6 foot power cord or a digital thermostat?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at six big picks for what we think are the best seedling heat mats available right now. Stick around, too, as we will make sure to let you in on a few shopping and buying secrets along the way, too.

Seedling Heat Mats – Our Picks

We’ve taken the time to look through a variety of heat mat manufacturers and products which review brilliantly with green-fingered sowers like us. High quality is a must – and at the end of the review breakdown, we’ll take you through what we were looking for when searching for the best heat mat.

This way, if you want to continue your own hunt for the top heat mats available online and on the high street, you’ll be armed with a wealth of new knowledge and insight!

In This Review?

LERWAY Seedling Heating & Waterproof Greenhouse Heating Pad Best Premium Seedling Heat Mat

If you’re serious about finding the best heat mats for your seedlings, then the good news is you shouldn’t have to pay too much. This high quality seedling heat mat from LERWAY is, in fact, the best seller across all plant heat mat products on Amazon UK right now.

There’s a reason for this. In fact, there are a few! The most obvious is that it’s a really reasonable price – and at 21W, you get plenty of power to get your soil temperature up to the level your greenhouse veg is going to love.

This waterproof seedling heat mat is rated at IP67, and boasts multiple layers of bonding, meaning that it should be more than easy for you to get your plants up to room temperature. That said, you probably shouldn’t submerge it in liquid!

It’s a good size, and if you are new to the heating mat scene in general, it’s a really good pick for a newbie greenhouse. You should also find that the power cable of 1.8m gives you plenty of stretch if you need it.


Voltage: 230-240V
Power: 21W
Power Cord Length: 1.8m


  • A great all-rounder – very quick to heat up
  • Nice and powerful for the brilliant price
  • Should be pretty easy to clean
  • One of the best-selling and best-reviewed heating mats available online right now


  • May not be a manufacturer people have heard of on the whole

ROOT!T Hobby 60W Heat Mat Best for Uniform Heating

When you’re dealing with germination of multiple plants or seedlings at once, you are going to need a seedling mat that offers a good balance and uniform heating. Not all seedling mats give the same amount of heat across the board, but this heating mat comes with a long enough base to really speed up the germination process.

In fact, this impressively powerful soil temperature booster gives you an impressive 60W of power. It’s actually the biggest of the germination heating mats available in this line, meaning that if you have an abundance of soil or lots of seedlings to grow, then it makes sense to lean towards the larger end of the scale.

The ROOT!T heating mats come with waterproofing guaranteed, and you should be able to achieve a max of around 11 degrees C once the thermostat is up to full speed. That’s going to be enough for most indoor gardening enthusiasts, we’d wager. The fact you get the same level of heat across all your seed trays is an enormous bonus, too. Got to keep those seedlings warm!


Dimensions: 68 x 42 x 24cm
Weight: 1.24kg
Power: 60W
Power Cord Length: 1.76m


  • Easily warm up seed trays of large sizes with powerful thermostat
  • Speedy germination on a balanced mat
  • One of the best premium waterproof seedling heating mats
  • Available in different sizes and powers if you’d like to grow fewer seedlings


  • One of the most expensive seedling heat mats available

RINBO Seedling Heat Mat Best Value Seedling Heat Mat

Again, RINBO might not be a brand that many people are aware of, but if you want to start growing vegetables or otherwise, and your seeds need an air temperature 20 degrees higher than most, this seedling heat mat is going to be a great choice.

This indoor heating mat is perfect for a range of seeds and seed tray setups measuring 10 x 20 inches. 10 x 20 is likely to be a reasonable enough size for anyone looking to germinate seeds and plants indoors. What’s more, this system will help you to start growing your veg at an even temperature across the board, meaning there’s no fear that your plants will suffer from lower temperature at certain points.

This range of mats is impressively durable as well as water resistant, and it is very easy to clean, too. You can get your air temperature up to 20 degrees higher through a quick boost of this heating mat, meaning there’s very little need to completely swamp out your greenhouse or polytunnel.

These heating mats come with a pretty reasonable cord length, and when your seeds need to break free from the higher temperatures, you can easily roll up your mat and put it away for later. That’s not always easy with a 10 x 20 mat!


Dimensions: 27.2 x 8.2 x 8.2cm
Weight: 0.47kg
Power: 17.5W
Power Cord Length: 1.8m


  • Great value price for the size of mat – ideal for multiple plants and seedlings
  • Very easy to toggle temperature and to leave to warm up – easy to clean, too
  • Impressively water resistant
  • Comes with electrical protection – may be a safer option than many


  • None to really speak of!

Hyindoor Seedling Heat Mat Heated Durable Waterproof Seedling Heating Pad for Winter Hydroponic

Anyone just starting to grow seeds and plants indoors will know that careful germination can’t be rushed. However, this impressively affordable heating mat should give you a big boost of temperature without waiting around. Not many seedling heat mats can get you to the temperature your seeds need at such a pace!

This heat mat is impressive mainly thanks to its durability as well as its safety, and with 17.5W of power, it competes well with most of the best seedling heat mats on the market. It’s got a generous cord length and is very easy to use. Simply plug in and you’ll be able to crank up your seed germination from 10 to 20 degrees more on the farenheit scale.

Heat mats such as these are helping to make increasing greenhouse room temperature that little bit easier – if the cold is rolling in, all you require is this heating mat to get your soil temperature in check, and your plants and veggies will think it’s the summertime. Good for them, we say!


Dimensions: 52 x 25 x 0.5cm
Weight: 47kg
Power: 17.5W
Power Cord Length: 1.8m


  • Great for speedy seed germination – you may start seeing results in the space of a week!
  • Brilliant price – one of the cheapest heating mat systems available on Amazon com and elsewhere
  • Waterproof build with heating wires protected by PVC
  • Very easy to use


  • Some buyers feeling it only really works to your advantage in winter time

RIOGOO Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponic Heating Pad Waterproof for Seed

What’s really interesting about this heating mat is that it’s marketed towards pet owners, too – as you may know that some lizards require rooms to be at a certain heat! However, let’s focus on seed germination, as that’s what you’re here for.

This heating mat is again, very well priced, and its main selling point for germination fanatics appears to be the power off protection. However, you’re going to probably want to know that you can use this heat mat to boost your seeds’ temperature higher by up to 20 degrees F – which really does seem to be the standard temperature increase across these products.

As with all good heating mats, this system is waterproof to IPX4, meaning you should get a fair amount of water resistant feedback providing you don’t give it a bath in the tub any time soon. We’d also recommend keeping your greenhouse roofing shut, too, if you can!

This heating mat should be pretty easy for most people to get used to, and if you are struggling to keep seeds and plants warm during the winter or periods of cold and nasty weather, you’ll get a fair bit of support back. For the price, we really are not complaining.


Dimensions: 25.6 x 7.2 x 7cm
Weight: 0.33kg
Power: 18W
Power Cord Length: 1.73m


  • Very well priced, great value
  • Should take care of a wide array of seeds with balanced temperature
  • Waterproof to IPX4
  • Plug and play – with power protection built in


  • Very few reviews from other buyers just yet
  • Some are concerned that the unit may not be as safe as it suggests – buy with care

ROOT !T Heat Mat Medium Sized Heating Mat to Speed Up Germination

Heading back to ROOT!T, whose heat mats are generally well regarded online, this medium sized mat is the middle of the line in their extensive seedling range – though, again, you can use this mat for more than just seeds if you really want to.

It’s very water resistant and is also likely to hold up well under pressure and frequent use. Get an added boost to your seeds’ temperature by up to 11 degrees C and really speed up that germination. Even at a medium size, this warm heat mat gives you plenty of space to heat up one or more seedling sets with a clever thermostat.

This is a heat mat that does what it says on the packet, it’s one of the the best no-frills heat boosters for plants, meaning germination becomes that little bit easier no matter what time of year it might be. One of the main plus points to this warm mat is that it’s apparently very easy to grow with, and the thermostat should give your plants good soil temperature emulation. Worth the money.


Dimensions: 9 x 48 x 9cm
Weight: 0.72kg
Power Cord Length:


  • Great sized mat with other sizes available
  • Quickly grow plants through impressive thermostat range, easily mimic warm soil
  • Ideal for several different families of plants, vegetables, fruit and more
  • Easy to plug in and use right away


  • Maybe a little pricey for some people – it’s double the price of one or two mats on this list

What is a Seedling Heat Mat?

A seedling heat mat allows you to grow seeds and plants indoors by mimicking soil temperature.

Many seeds and plants need warm soil for speedy germination, and to be able to grow properly. Heat mats can come attached with thermostat functionality so you can increase or decrease the heat as much as you like.

If you are taking seeds or plants out of the soil to grow in cold weather, you will likely need something akin to a thermostat to help keep your greenhouse warm. These mats, therefore, some with thermostat functionality built in, will help to keep your plants growing healthily long into the early spring.

Not everyone finds a use for these mats, but as many gardeners will tell you, temperature is key to germination. It’s not all about making sure you water plants properly – it’s all about temperature, temperature, temperature!

Therefore, you may well find that mats give you a much needed boost – and your seedlings will probably thank you for it. They are generally very easy to set up with seed trays and are waterproof in the majority. Temperature ranges on the thermostat may vary, however!

What Should I Look for in Seedling Heat Mats?

One seedling heat mat does not fit all. In fact, one of the main things you should be careful with when it comes to buying seed heat mats is the sizing. Some are small, some are large – and you will generally end up paying more for seedling heat mats that give you more space for your plants and trays.

Here are a few points we considered when putting together our list of top heat mats online. Be sure to keep these in mind if you want to shop further!


This, naturally, is measured in watts. Generally, you can expect a larger heat mat to have a higher wattage as there’s more ground to cover. However, this can sometimes mean you get higher temperatures – but don’t just take our word for that!

Room Temperature
On the whole, you’ll find that the best heat mats will increase room temperature by up to 20 degrees F. Some go beyond – so make sure, again, to shop around. Keep in mind that this is going above ambient temp, too.
Cord Length

You’ll also find that the heat mat standard tends to give you a 6 foot power cord. This should be more than enough for everyday use, but if you need to use more slack, be sure to shop for longer.

Digital Thermostat / Thermostat Controller
Naturally, a heat mat will always have some form of internal thermostat and heating element. However, a digital thermostat controller is a natty add-on which will help you to keep track of where your temperature is at. If you know exactly what your seeds and plants need in terms of temp, it’s worth shelling out for the extra kit.
Water Resistance

On the whole, most heating mats and their internal thermostat technology should be water resistant. However, the rating can vary from model to model, which means if you know you are likely to splash about a bit, it’s worth going up the scale. As mentioned, it’s probably best you don’t immerse your heat mat in water completely for pretty obvious reasons!

How Do I Use a Seedling Heat Mat?

It’s actually easier than you think to start using a heating mat for the first time. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know:

  • Prepare your seed trays and seedlings, as well as your heat mat. Make sure it’s somewhere dry and sturdy, and ensure you know the best heat and light conditions for your plants.
  • Simply plug in your heating mat and add your tray or flat to the top. You should now make sure to use your thermostat controller to toggle how warm you need your seeds to be.
  • Keep a close eye on your seeds over the days to come. When you first use a mat, you may find that it takes longer than a few days to get things started. That’s normal!
  • However, do also keep checking in on your seeds – just because a mat manufacturer says you’ll get even heat distribution, doesn’t mean that it will always work re your specific needs. Be careful!


No matter where you are on your seed or plant growing journey, a heating mat really could make a lot of difference. If you’re taking seeds out of the soil and want them to germinate in an indoor, controlled environment, you might just get the support you require with a long-lasting, waterproof mat.

Please take a closer look at the mats we’ve picked for you in this list, but by all means use our further tips to help you on your way!

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