Growing Alpine Strawberries (UK)

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Alpine strawberries are considered wild but sometimes they’re not. They are much prettier than the beefy modern garden varieties. The plant has small white flowers and fruits often above the leaves. Fruits grow throughout the summer months, in mid-summer, there will be an abundance of them.

How to Grow Alpine Strawberries?

These strawberries are tough little plants, they tolerate a variety of soils and withstand drought. However, production may lessen if not treated properly. If you got used to planting regular strawberry plants, it is time to try growing some Alpine Strawberries too!

Ripe Alpine Strawberries

Growing Alpine Strawberries

Buying plants rather than growing them from seed is easier. The Alpine Strawberries are planted 12 inches apart. Purchase a variety without runners if its purpose is for edging. Damp well-manured soil is preferably the place to plant them. Alpine Strawberries prefer soil rich in humus and are slightly acidic. I encourage you to use well-rotted compost on them to grow more strawberries. To achieve larger strawberries, keep one or two flowers on each truss. 

alpine strawberry jam with mint

Do Alpine Strawberries Taste Good?

Eating alpine strawberries after picking them may give you the impression that they’re tasteless. That is why it’s instructed that you put them in a bowl, sprinkle them with sugar, then mash them gently. 10 minutes after, the juice would have burst out and you’ll be able to taste their superb flavour. This is the reason why they’re known to be the best strawberries to make the best jam.

Ground Cover the Strawberries

Alpine Strawberry Plants are excellent ground-cover. They help lessen the growth of weeds and they hinder soil erosion. The runners the plant sends out hides the feet of taller bare-stemmed plants. 


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