Compost Tumblers: Should You Get One?

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Compost tumblers that can provide compost more easily in a short amount of time compared to a bin. A Gardening magazine in the UK compared compost tumblers to traditional compost heaps and concluded that a heap takes a shorter amount of time than tumblers to make usable compost. 

Compost Tumblers or Compost Heap

A compost tumbler makes the turning easier, however, a standard compost heap or a compost bin is more hands-on but quicker. It’s up to you to decide to make composting more convenient and easier to do. 


What You Get Out Of Compost Tumblers

These are the things you should consider before buying a compost tumbler:

  1. A tumbler should be easy to turn
  2. Larger tumblers produce compost more efficiently than small tumblers
  3. The tumbler must be filled completely in order to make compost within three months. You should also consider the time it takes to fill the tumbler. Then, think about where you will compost the next material while the tumbler is working. You will need to wait longer to add more bulk at the end of the cycle, in order for the later material to be able and can be composted. Find the solution for these problems through other designs of tumblers available.
  4. Compost tumblers tend to be summer workers. If your tumbler is very well insulated the cold weather won’t prevent them from heating up full

How To Use Composts in Tumblers

Composts from a heap or a bin contain worms that churns the materials through their guts and add nutrients to your compost is what’s missing in a compost tumbler. Adding worms to your tumbler isn’t a good idea either since it would only kill the worms as they heat up. However, Compost Tumblers provide a material worked on by bacteria and fungi. The heat usually kills off weed seeds and makes disease spores loosen and rougher in character. It won’t achieve the rich uniform crumble of a well-rotted heap.

Some put the compost from the tumblers to one side and let them compost further, allowing worms to move in.

Advantages of Compost Tumblers

Solve Rat Problem in Gardens

The tumbler is not the only solution to vermin problems. However, the right type of tumbler can provide an immediate solution. It has a metal container that holds the compost well above the ground and does not require any air gaps. These tumblers can also be used to compost small amounts of meat, fat, and fish. Vermin will not be able to get rid of them as the high temperatures break them down quickly.

Back problems preventing you from turning the heap

Be careful when choosing your equipment. You will strain your back if you use a tumbler to push the ground. The tumblers that pivot around a central axle are heavier and more difficult to lift. A more expensive type that is operated via a handle with geared cogs is the best choice for back problems. They require a lot of effort to turn. You should check if you are able to maneuver a wheelbarrow under for unloading.

Large amounts of grass clippings or soft, sappy material to be composted

 This can cause anaerobic degradation, which can lead to unpleasant smells and sludge. Because it allows air to circulate so easily, a tumbler reduces this problem significantly, but dry material is still required. After turning the tumbler every day, grass clippings had halved in volume within a week. If you wish, they can be added to a regular heap. To allow liquid to escape from a tumbler, it should have drainage holes. This, if collected provides a nitrogen-rich solution to liquid and foliar feeding.

Limited space to compost

This is something you might consider if your composting area is limited. The fluid will drain into the container under the tumbler and not out at the bottom.

If you enjoy tumbling

It’s not as easy as it seems, but it is actually quite fun. Tumbling can even get reluctant children to participate.

Super-fast production

 Advertisements claim that compost can be made in three weeks. I have done it. This is not an easy task, so make sure your tumbler has instructions for it. It is crucial to maintain the right balance of carbon and nitrogen. Therefore, ingredients must be accurately measured. The temperature and moisture levels must be monitored. Although the final result is not perfect, it could be used as mulch.

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