South-East Facing Garden: Advantages and Disadvantages

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You may be interested in knowing which direction your garden faces if you’re thinking about buying a property or redesigning it. We all know that plants require sunlight to grow. Do you know if a south-east facing garden is great? Will there be enough sunlight in the morning or will it be shaded in the evening?

Your property’s orientation can make a big difference in the types of plants that you can grow with optimal conditions. It is important to determine which direction your garden faces in order to maximize the amount of sunlight each plant receives.

How Much Sun Does South-East Facing Garden Get?

If there aren’t any shadows, a south-east-facing garden should receive the summer sun from around 8:00 am until about 14:00 in the afternoon.

There are many factors to consider, this means that the answer may not be the same for everyone. The shape and size of your garden will have an impact on how much sunlight it receives.

House Shape

When calculating how much sun a south-facing garden receives, the first thing you should consider is the house’s shape and height.

Even at its peak, the Sun will begin to cast shadows on the northernmost parts of your garden around 14:00 in the summer. A smaller bungalow will cast a smaller shadow than a larger 3-storey townhouse.

Garden Size

You will need to take into account the size of your garden. Your garden will not receive any sunlight if it is very small. However, a long garden will get sunlight longer, especially in the south.

Avoid Large Structures or Trees in a South-East Facing Garden

You don’t want any trees or buildings to the east of a garden that faces southeast if you have one.

It’s mentioned that even in peak summer, the sun will start to fade shortly after lunch. This means that you must maximize the amount of sunlight you receive throughout the day.

You may have limited sunlight in your garden if there are large trees or structures east of your property.

Where Should the Patio Be in a South-East Facing Garden?

This question will entirely depend on you and your own personal preference and what you are planning for your landscape.

If you love the sunshine, place your patio in the most southern corner of the garden which will receive the light the longest time through the day. The most southern part will be the bottom right corner if you were looking out of your back door in a south-easterly direction.

What Plants to Grow in the Garden

A southeast-facing garden has the advantage of getting plenty of sun in summer, provided there aren’t any large obstructions such as trees to the east.

Most plants can thrive in full sun from around 14:00. Many plants also love afternoon shade. If you want your plants and veggies to get more sun, plant them in the southernmost part of your garden, or find out which evergreen shrubs grow well in shade.

Advantages of a South-East Facing Garden

  • Morning direct sunlight
  • You can grow almost anything if you plan properly

Disadvantages of a South-East Facing Garden

  • Shade begins to creep up the garden in the summer from around 14:00
  • Trees and structures to the east can reduce the amount of sun each day.

People want the best sunlight possible throughout the day, so they prefer a south-facing yard. A southeast-facing garden can be just as beautiful, but it does not have to be the same. With careful planning and hard work, it can still be special. A garden that faces south-easterly is a good choice if you don’t like the sun or are not a morning person.

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