Ricinus Castor Oil Plant Growing Guide

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Ricinus adds an exotic dimension to gardens with its spectacular foliage. The main attraction is the bold, glossy, reddish-purple palmate leaves. This plant looks fantastic when paired with brightly coloured plants or contrasting foliage in a jungle-style border. The ricinus, a tropical plant that is native to the region, can be grown in the UK as an annual. It also suits both borders and containers.Castor Oil Plant - Ricinus

Where To Plant Castor Oil Plant

Plant in containers that are soil-based and free-draining in full sun or with a sunny border. Poorer soils produce more flowers, and less foliage.

How To Plant Castor Oil Plant

The seeds can be poisonous so please use gloves. The seeds should be sown early in the year and should be soaked for at least a few hours before planting. To germinate seeds, fill individual pots with seed compost. The seeds should germinate within two to six weeks at 15 to 20°C. When seedlings reach a size that is easy to handle, you can either pot on or move them outside.

Looking After Castor Oil Plant

Ricinus communis is highly toxic and all parts must be handled with care. It can cause skin irritations and eye damage. You should water your plants and give them a liquid fertilizer every month. Ricinus communis is a fast-growing plant. In tropical climates, Ricinus communis can reach 8-12m height, but in British gardens, it is smaller.

Staking Castor oil plant

Sometimes plants may require staking. If you do not want to collect the seeds, deadhead them. You can either dispose of plants on the compost pile at the end of the season or move them to a covered area with glass so they can grow as conservatory shrubs.

Propagating Castor Oil Plant

Ricinus communis is known for its greenish-yellow flower and spiny, round seed pods. Although you can save the seeds, they are toxic. This is why you might want to kill the blooms before they set.

Ricinus: Problem Solving

Ricinus can be grown outdoors and is usually healthy. However, growing them in a greenhouse can make them susceptible to pests like red spider mite.

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