Expensive Outdoor Sports Equipment for Trekking and Hiking

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Are you a travel junkie who loves spending time in the great wild outdoors and looks for excuses to get out in the wild and spend some time with Mother Nature? Well then, this article is meant just for you. Read on about some of the most expensive outdoor sports equipment that you can buy if you inherit a large property suddenly or maybe win the lottery.

The Most Expensive Sunglasses on The Planet 

If you have ever been on an adventurous trip outdoors you must know what great importance outdoor sunglasses hold on such trips. If you are wondering about which is the best, highly sought and most expensive outdoor pair of sunglasses in the world, well, it is the Elite C Six sunglasses by Oakley’s and they cost just north of $4000. 

These glasses are expensive mostly because of the fact that they are made entirely out of carbon-fiber and use the latest High-Definition Optics (HDO) technology in their lenses. This technology allows the consumer to see much clearer and sharper images while also preventing any dust, moisture or pollen from sticking on the lenses. 

So, if you ever win the lottery and feel like upgrading your outdoor kit, this is the first thing that you should be opting for.

Wenger’s Swiss Army Knife

Priced at $4000, this swiss army knife is a priced possession for every outdoor junkie. With its 10 inches width and 2-pound heft, this knife has earned a spot in many collector’s kits. The Wenger’s Swiss Army Knife features a whooping 87 folding tools, including but not limited to files, corkscrews, blades, screwdrivers and just about everything else that you could imagine useful on an outdoors trip. 

The Butterfly Trek Madone

When it comes to bicycles, it might blow a lot of people’s minds that an outdoor bicycle could possibly cost $500,000 but with the Butterfly Trek Madone, one can actually justify this price. Although not many would be able to afford this beauty on wheels, those winning the lottery should definitely consider investing in this beautiful bicycle. Initially ridden by Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France back in 2009, this bike was then auctioned off at $500,000 after the famous British artist, Damien Hirst made into the spectacular piece of art which it is today. So, one can quite easily say that this bike truly is one of its kind and if ever given the opportunity, we suggest you definitely try and get your hands on it. 

A High-Performance Trench Coat

A trench coat is quite a necessity for everyone planning an outdoor trip, especially given our country’s unpredictable weather and sudden rain spells. So, it is only fair that one invests in a top-quality trench coat when gearing up for such a trip. And who else to consider than the outdoor clothing leader Arc’teryx when buying a trench coat. 

A particular trench coat is a cult favorite for many travel junkies and that is the Arc’teryx’s Field Jacket from its Veilance Collection. This Trench costs around $1300 is completely wind as well as waterproof, making it quite a good investment for people who tend to travel a lot in windy and rainy weather. And with its classic military silhouette, it’s not just practical but also super chic to wear when going on a trip.

Ice Axe from Cobra

Priced at £414 for a pair, these ice tools by Cobra are a must-have for climbers. Made entirely out of carbon fiber, these axes are perfect for all sorts of climbing, mixed, alpine, ice, mountainous you name it. It is super light in weight and a very versatile tool for climbers, the meticulous details on it give it an optimum balance whereas the materials used, which are carbon fiber, stainless steel and co-molded rubber, give it a firm grip. The Carbon Ice Axe are a must in every climber’s kit.

Space Station Tent

One of the most important gears for every outdoor kit is a good, sturdy and durable tent. And Space Station’s Dome Tent is just that. With enough room for more than 20 people, this tent is not just perfect for a family trip but also makes for a perfect communication hub. This tent is made out of durable gauge material, allowing it to minimize wind pressure making it an ideal camp for alpine as well as high altitude excursions. 

Hispar 1200 Down Sleeping Bag

It is not an outdoor expedition without a sleeping bag in your kit. And if you are looking for a comfortable, warm and easy to carry a sleeping bag, the 122 Down Sleeping Bag by Hispar is your best option. It is almost as light as a feather making it very easy to carry around, can withstand temperatures as low as -72 F and can help you sleep soundly even in alpine and high-altitude conditions. So, its price tag of $1400 is completely justified, we’d say.

And those are all the important items you should always have in your outdoor equipment kit. With a kit like this, we can assure you that you will not only be comfortable and warm but also very content given how practical and versatile each of these items is. 

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