Lifting Dahlias And Storing Them Properly

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Dahlias are beautiful perennials with tender flowers, that bloom from summer to autumn. They provide a long season full of color and interest. They are made from tubers that look like a group of carrot-like roots joined to the dried stem from the previous year.Dahlias

After flowers are finished, dahlias begin to rot in the ground. The nutrients that were taken from the plants are returned to their tubers. Because dahlias can be fragile, they won’t survive British winters. If you live in the south, it is possible to be fortunate.

Cutting Dahlias Flowers

Simply cut back the stems and apply thick mulch to the base of your plant to protect them from frost. If you live in the northern hemisphere or experience, particularly cold winters, your dahlia tubers might rot and need to be replaced.

You could replace them if they turn brown, but you can ensure your dahlias survive winter by digging up and storing them. Once the frost risk has passed, you can replant them in May.

Storing Dahlias

Materials Needed

  • Secateurs
  • Garden fork
  • Dry compost
  • Storage box or container

Steps in Storing Dahlias

1. Dig up your dahlias

After the dahlia leaves have begun to fall, use a fork to lift the tubers. Take care not to damage the tubers by using the fork spikes. You should remove as much soil as possible. Next, use secateurs to cut the stems of the dahlia plants and then compost the leaves.

2. Rinse the tubers

To thoroughly rinse the soil from the dahlia tubers using a bucket or hose, then turn the tubers upside-down to dry.

3. Pack the tubers

After drying, place your dried dahlia tubers into a container or pot. Cover them with dry compost. (Damp compost can cause your tubers to rot in store. Dahlia tubers can be stored in vermiculite or wrapped in newspaper. Your tubers should be stored in their containers once they are packed.

NOTE on Dahlias

For extra insulation, you can add mulch to your dahlias if they are located in a warm and sheltered area in the border.

Tips for Saving Dahlias 

There are many ways to store dahlia tubers in winter. Cleaning and drying are the most important steps in this process. Even with the most advanced methods, you still need to inspect the tubers throughout the winter. Environmental Changes damages.

Overwintering Dahlia Tubers

Overwintering dahlia tubers such as temperature fluctuations or increased humidity. It doesn’t matter if you have the bombshell-sized bombshells, or the delicate lollipop varieties, it is crucial to learn how to store and remove dahlia tubers. Dahlia storage is easy and takes only a few minutes with a few inexpensive materials.

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