LED Planter Lights For Indoor Plants And Seedlings

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Indoor lighting is in high demand, not from gardeners, but from hydroponics, climate-controlled agriculture, and the cannabis industry. Full sun plants such as tomatoes, lettuce, basil, and cannabis are grown to full maturity in these situations, which means they need a lot of light.

Why Should You Buy Planter Lights Indoors

The purpose of lighting is to make stocky seedlings for special varieties. This is a noble goal that requires careful study. The following are the questions you should ask before buying grow lights:

Where will you use your LED Planter Lights? Do looks count?

If you want to examine germination up close, you can simply grow your seedlings in your living room. It’s also good practice because you’ll tend to notice problems when the young seedlings are nearby. The right plant lighting light can make a room brighter and last for many years. You might also grow your seedlings inside a basement or other utility space where appearances are less important.

How many seedlings do you plan to grow indoors?

It’s a good idea to start small, as it is rare for people to get seed-starting right from the beginning. A single fluorescent tube light that had a reflective hood and adjustable legs, perfect for growing plants. The Jump Start (75-watt compact fluorescent) and the Sunblaster (125-watt LED lights) are comparable models. Both will provide light to veggie seedlings.

Planter Light Options For Indoor Gardening

There are many options for light fixtures. They can have their own shelves and mounting hardware or be attached to utility carts or metal shelving units. Many plants grows lights come with holes in their reflective hoods that allow them to be suspended using lightweight wire or chains. However, they may or may not have a handy off/on the switch. If you are looking to purchase multiple fixtures or a multi-shelf light, make sure to check these details.

What kind of lights do you need?

Traditional fluorescent bulbs, CFLs (compact fluorescent lights), and light-emitting diodes can all be used to grow plants. Compact fluorescent lights are more efficient than LED plants lights and emit less heat. This reduces costs and simplifies temperature control in enclosed areas. Full-spectrum LEDs are not purple and can be used to grow seedlings, propagate plants, or heat up houseplants during winter.

LED Planter Light Varieties That Help Indoors Seedlings

The zillion LEDs that are available in red, blue, and other concentrated colors make cannabis a great indoor crop. LED lighting can be adjusted to produce vegetative and reproductive growth. The ability to replace high-intensity, energy-hungry lights with more efficient LEDs is a boon for hydroponic and greenhouse growers.

Future climate-controlled agriculture projects will rely on LEDs, it is certain. Due to their low heat emissions LEDs are popular in home hydroponic systems such as Aerogarden. They also make small “grow closets”, which can be used for growing herbs. The downside is that high-quality LED plant grow light bulbs can be expensive. However, you do get what you pay. To mimic the sun, better quality LEDs are equipped with sophisticated diffuser technology.

Should You Buy LED Planter Lights?

Concerning energy, a small home-sized plant grow light system using CFL or LED bulbs will consume so little energy that you will only pay a small amount on your electricity bill. The payback can be enormous! You can easily grow the exact seedlings that you need for your unique garden by using a plant grow light.

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