Lawn Edging With Bricks – A Simple Step-by-Step Process

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Brick edging helps to keep lawn edges in place, which reduces labour and adds a crisp look. Bricks can also develop a weathered appearance over time. The overall effect of lawn edging depends on the quality of the lawn. If your grass is looking tired, weed it and reseed it in autumn.

Materials Needed For Lawn Edging

  • Building sand
  • Cement
  • Trowel
  • Rubber
  • Rake

Step-by-step Process Of Lawn Edging

  1. Mix 4:1 sand and cement with water to make a thick mixture. It should not be too dry or sloppy. You can also add an old piece or board to help preserve the paving.
  2. Place a layer of cement along the lawn’s edge. Place the bricks on the mortar, making sure that the ends meet. Then push them into the mixture using your hands.
  3. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the bricks into place. As you work, ensure that they are even and follow the lines of the lawn. Continue to lay bricks until the lawn is completely trimmed.
  4. You can rake the border soil to the bricks, but don’t leave them on their own for at least a few days before they set. The brick edging can be removed and the grass can be mowed straight over it.

Tip and Notes

  • Make sure that you have all your bricks in good condition. A mower’s wheels can cause damage and take a lot of time to get over them.
  • Concrete can be used for footings if you prefer. It will be stronger than sand. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using ready-mixed concrete.

General Care After Addition

After spotting any cracks or broken bricks, grab your tools and replace them as soon as possible. If one brick is broken, the bricks next to it will begin to fall apart and crumble. Keep the brick edges clean by removing dirt, leaves, and other debris.

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