Knowing Organic Gardening: What It Truly Means

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You should be able to understand what knowing organic gardening means if you are trying to become an organic gardener. Non-organic methods can pose a threat to your health as well as your garden’s health. Chemical sprays, fertilizers and seeds can cause soil problems which can then affect your plants’ health. This can also affect your ability to grow any fruit or vegetables.

Knowing Organic Gardening – What should you do to become an organic gardener?

  • Organic, untreated plants and seeds are best.
  • Natural fertilizers are a good option; you may also make your compost.
  • Avoid using any fertilizers or chemical sprays.
  • Don’t add non-organic materials to your garden.
  • Your garden should be kept as safe as possible from neighbours who spray chemical pesticides in their gardens. This can spread through the air to your garden.

It might seem difficult to control everything floating around in the air. But if you focus on what you can control, you can be sure you are doing all you can to make organic growth as easy as possible.

Attract Pollinators

This is an all-natural way of increasing your yields and creating a healthy ecosystem. To attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, plant wildflowers or other brightly coloured flowers. A hummingbird feeder can be hung. You might even consider buying Mason bees and building a bee hotel. Healthy crop production is dependent on pollinators. Try to attract them, not deter them.

By providing a place for them to nest and rest, you can do your part in ensuring a healthy population of pollinators. By attracting them to your garden, you can also help increase the chances of successful pollination and a bountiful harvest.


Knowing Organic Gardening can help you understand how to properly take care of your garden to be as healthy and productive as possible. Organic gardening is all about working with nature rather than against it.

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Real Men Sow

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