How To Grow Verbascum In Your Garden? Easy Gardening Tips

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VerbascumVerbascum can be used as biennials or perennials in the summer. They add structure and height to any planting scheme with their tall, upright spires of flowering plants. Wild Verbascum, also known as greater mullein in the wild, can be found in many garden cultivars. They are available in a variety of colours, including yellow, orange, blue, purple, and even white.

Verbascum blends well with other summer perennials or grasses. – Just make sure you can identify which of those are perennial weeds before you plant! They are a classic cottage garden favorite, but they also suit modern planting arrangements. Containers can also be used for shorter varieties. This flower is great for wildlife such as hoverflies, moths, and bees.

How to Grow Verbascum From Seeds

Verbascum can be grown easily from seeds. In late spring, you can plant pot-grown Verbascum like any other summer flowering perennial. The plant can be grown in moist, well-drained soil and full sun. After flowering, cut back or let it self-seed. Verbascum root cuttings can be taken in autumn.

Where to Plant Verbascum

Verbascum is found in sunny areas with well-drained soil. They will require neutral to alkaline soil in a sunny, dry area. As long as it is dry, Verbascum can also tolerate partial shade.

Taking Care of Verbascum

Verbascum can be grown quickly and do not require too much attention once they are established. To prolong flowering, cut down any old flowering stems. Once you’ve got the hang of growing easy flowers, you can also try planting easy-growing veggies as well.

Propagating Process

Verbascum comes in many varieties and can self-seed. You can also save seed for sowing in spring or autumn. If you wish to grow more of a specific cultivar, it is best to take root cuttings in the autumn.

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