Heleniums: Planting and Growing Guide For Flower Gardens

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Heleniums are charming, daisy-like plants that will bring colour to your garden in the late summer. They look great when arranged in a mixed border with blooms in bright yellows, oranges and reds. Taller grasses, daisy flowers like echinaceas and hot-coloured Kniphofias make great companion plants. There are many helenium cultivars available. They are all attractive to bees, and other pollinators. The Heleniums are also good for cutting flowers.


How To Grow Heleniums

Heleniums are grown in well-drained, moist soil that is in full sunlight, very similarly to lilacs. In exposed areas, stake taller varieties. To prevent soil drying out, water regularly. Deadhead spent blooms to ensure that the flowers continue to bloom. Split congested helenium clusters every few years in spring and autumn. They die back over winter, so cut them back after flowering.

Planting Heleniums

Make sure you dig a large hole that is larger than the plant’s pot. Next, add some mycorrhizal fungal fungi to the hole. Finally, backfill with soil and garden compost for drainage.

Where to Grow Heleniums

Heleniums aren’t that picky and can thrive in any soil that is well-drained. – Therefore, make sure you already prepared your soil beforehand. They can tolerate partial shade but will thrive in full sun.

Care of Helenium Flower

Regular watering is important for Heleniums. Don’t let the soil dry out. To keep your flowers looking fresh, deadhead them or cut them to take indoors. After a while, clumps can get a bit clogged up so it is best to divide in spring or autumn. It is worth taking taller varieties early in the season. Cut back plants after flowering to prevent them from dying.

Propagate Helenium Flower 

Divide plants in spring or autumn to propagate heleniums. If you find an old clump that is large and quite congested, take it out. When replanting, split it with a spade. Basal cuttings can also be taken from spring shoots and kept under cover until they are established enough to be planted out.

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