How to Grow Crepis Rubra

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The Crepis Rubra species is best described as a pink dandelion, but that doesn’t do it justice. This is an attractive and beautiful flower that is easy to grow. You can directly sow it in your borders for natural-style plants.

Sowing Crepis Rubra

Before the last frost, sow indoors. After frost danger has passed, sow indoors. For indoors, sow in moist, well-drained compost. Simply cover the seed with a little soil. Ideal temperature. 21degC. Germination takes 1-2 weeks. When the seedlings are large enough to be handled, place them in individual pots. They can then be grown under glass. After the danger of frost has passed, acclimatize the seedlings and plant them out. Sow directly in moist, well-drained soil and keep it moist until the plants become established.

Sow Outside

Cover seeds. before the last frost. Annuals can also be sown in the autumn in mild areas. Space them by 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm).

Sow Inside

It will take five days to two weeks for germination to occur. The temperature should be 75°F (24°C). Remember to sow them seven or eight weeks in advance. Then transplant it outdoors following the last frost.

How to Grow Crepis RubraPlants

Crepis can be planted in either the fall (annuals), or the spring (perennials). Simply cover the seeds with topsoil after sowing. Crepis prefers to grow in sunny areas of the garden with good drainage. If you prefer to start seedlings indoors, they should be planted about 7 to 8 weeks before being put out in the garden.

General Care Guide for Crepis Rubra

Crepis usually takes between one and two weeks to germinate at temperatures of 20 to 25° centigrade. They are easy to maintain, and if you regularly deadhead them they will continue to produce flowers.

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