Bird of Paradise – Growing a Tropical Plant in the UK

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 The Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) is an exotic-looking tropical and exotic plant also known as a crane flower. They can only be grown indoors in the UK. You can grow them outdoors in the summer, but you will need to bring it inside for the winter in the warmer (usually southern) regions of the UK.

They have broad, evergreen leaves that are attached to long, stalk-like branches. The foliage is very similar to a banana leaf. They are not found at the trunk level of a banana tree.Bird of Paradise

The plant can be grown outdoors in warm climates or in a greenhouse. They will produce flowers in spring on long stems. The Bird of Paradise can be grown indoors in mild, warm conditions and will flower all year. They can grow to approximately 5-6ft high and 2-3ft wide if planted in the ground. They can grow up to 4ft tall in larger pots, but they are not suitable for use as houseplants.

When Will the Bird of Paradise Flower?

If you don’t have the patience or are not a fan of the foliage, remember that they can take up to five years to bloom. Do not be deceived by artificial flowers that are inserted into young plants to display their exotic beauty. These are meant to showcase the flowers’ appearance but can often look very real.

Where to Grow Bird of Paradise

Although it prefers full sun, it will also grow in semi-shade in semi-shade in a South facing, West facing or East Facing location.

Taking Care of Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise is a South African species that thrives in warm climates. The ideal temperature is between 65-70°F (18-21°C.). The temperature should not drop below 50°F (10°C) at night, as this could cause damage and illness to the plant. They cannot be planted outside where frost is not a risk. You can grow them in large pots which you can bring inside when it gets cooler.

Bird of Paradise plants prefer rich loamy soil, but they must be well-drained. They prefer that the soil be kept moist during their growing season. Root rot can be caused by soil that is continually wet, especially in winter.

Best Feed For Strelitzia reginae

Bird of Paradise plants require feeding approximately once per month during the growing season. In spring, feed or repot the plants in high-quality compost. Mulch around plants in spring if you live in warmer climates to retain moisture and protect their roots.

Common Problems With Bird of Paradise Flower

The most common problem that affects Bird of Paradise plants is the scale insect. They can be treated with soapy water, insecticide, or manually by scraping them. They may also be affected by the red spider mite or mealybugs. Root rot can also be caused by overwatering. Although they prefer moist soil, it is important to not overwater the soil and make sure that it is well-drained.

Don’t worry about diseases because they are generally not affected by any disease.


Spring should be 18-21°Celsius. The Rooted suckers can be taken from larger plants and repotted.

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