Growing Peppers from Seed in Pots – Sweet Pepper and Chili

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There is a special excitement around growing peppers. – There are so many varieties of them! Whether you want to plant some spicy chili pepper or crunchy sweet bell peppers, the options are all yours. This post will help you get started with growing your own peppers from seeds.

Steps to Growing Peppers from Seed

How to Sow Pepper Seedlings in Pots

You’ll need warmth to encourage the growth of your pepper seedlings. So sowing seeds in late winter or early spring must be indoors. They can be sewn into pots or plug trays. The seeds are to be spaced at least 2.5cm apart before covering them with more mix than water.

Pepper seedlings appear quicker in pots or trays on a heat mat or on a heated propagator at 21ºC. If you have neither, you can put them in secure plastic bags with a rubber band and locate the pot or tray at a warm windowsill.

Remove the cover once seedlings appear then place them somewhere warm and bright. You can start transferring your seedlings into their own pots after a few weeks. Carry your seedlings carefully by their leaves when transporting.

Where to Plant Peppers

The perfect place to plant your peppers is somewhere with garden compost that is exposed to the sun. They must be at least 40cm apart or you can plant them in containers that are 1.5 gallons. It is advised that you use good quality potting soil for young peppers. 

Growing Peppers in your Garden

How to Grow Sweet PeppersGrowing Peppers

Your plant must be kept upright, so you can push a cane or stake next to them and tie the plant to it with twine. Pinching out the growing point once your plant reaches 20cm will encourage the plant to produce more branches to create a bushier plant. 

Feed the plant with tomato fertilizer as soon as you see flower buds growing. Do not let them wilt during the dry season by watering them often. You can add a tray at the bottom of their pots so that the water that was drained may be absorbed back through the pots’ drainage holes.

How to Harvest Peppers

Once you see that they’re at their final color, they can be harvested. Use clean pruners to cut the crops away and store them in your refrigerator. There is an option for Chilli peppers to be dried and pulverized to create chili flakes, make sure to store them in airtight jars.

Share your experiences in growing your own pepper and what you prefer in the comments!


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