Weigela Flower Outdoor Growing Guide

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Weigela flowers are the ideal garden shrub. They are low-maintenance plants and you can grow them in many different situations including mixed borders. Weigela leaves are deciduous and come in a variety of colors, including dark green, light green, golden, and variegated. Bumblebees love the funnel-shaped flowers. They  appear in early summer and come in a variety of colors, from deep pink to yellow 


How To Grow Weigela Flower

Weigela flower is an easy-going shrub, and suits most growing conditions. Weigela should be in moist, well-drained soil in full to partial sun. After flowering, prune back and mulch with a well-rotted leaf mold or compost. 

How To Plant Weigela

Always dig a large hole and sprinkle mycorrhizal mushrooms to get your weigela shrub started. Water well and ensure that the plant is planted at the same height as the pot. You can see signs of growth if you water it regularly in dry conditions.

How To Care For Weigela

Weigelas aren’t high maintenance. After flowering is over, prune gently. If they have outgrown their place, weigelas can be pruned to promote new growth.


Softwood cuttings are the best way to propagate weigela. You can do this throughout the growing season.

Problems when growing

Although weigela are usually healthy, they can still be susceptible to plant diseases like eelworms that affect the leaves and buds.

Purchasing Advice

  • You should choose your weigela carefully. They can grow up to 2.5m so ensure you have enough space.
  • Only purchase healthy stock. You should inspect your weigela for signs such as crossing stems, pruning cuts, or other signs of stress. This could indicate that there is a problem.
  • You can find Weigela at garden centers, but there are more options at specialist shrub nurseries.
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