Growing Osmunda Regalis for Bog Gardens

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Royal ferns (Osmunda Regalis) add texture and colour to the shaded areas. They have large, twice-cut leaves. It adds elegance to shady areas with companion plants with contrasting foliage. If you have the right place to grow royal ferns, it is easy to care for them. The leaves, also known as Old World Royal Ferns, are large and can sometimes produce bead-like (spores).

How to Grow The Royal Fern (Osmunda Regalis)

Royal ferns love to be in a garden with acidic, rich soil. However, they can adapt to less dry conditions provided that regular water is available. The garden’s royal ferns are resistant to damage by browsing rabbits or deer. They make a great specimen for shady areas.

Allow room for a royal fern plant to grow to its maximum height and spread of two to three feet (61 to 91 cm). Be aware that royal fern plants can grow up to 6 feet (2m) if they are well-located.

To learn how to plant royal Ferns, you should first observe the area. This will ensure that the soil is moist and the shade is available throughout the day. The area should get sun in the morning or late evening.

Remember to Test The Soil First

Before planting royal ferns in your garden, it is possible to test the soil. To improve soil drainage and increase acidity, you can add compost, shredded oak leaves, or pin needles. Preparing the soil for royal fern planting in your garden can take several weeks to months.

Care Guide

Once royal ferns (Osmunda Regalis) are planted in the correct place, they require very little care. Growing a royal fern plant in a happy location is easy. Make sure the soil is moist. In fall, prune browning fronds.

After you have learned how to plant royal Ferns (Osmunda Regalis) and how to care for them, consider adding them to a shaded area of your gardens, such as near a stream or water source. For a more appealing display, plant them with shade perennials.

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